Unique Projects

Switchable glass finds its way into a surprising number of locations - not just offices and meeting rooms as you might expect.

Display cases, museum exhibits, projection screens in places of worship, windows in luxury yachts, cabins on trains, art galleries, kitchen larders… the uses for switchable glass are limited only by the imagination!

For example, in a recent art gallery installation, the walls of an aquarium were created from laminated panels of switchable glass.

The walls of a projection cube were made of switchable glass for the launch of a new premium luxury watch model (see the video on this page).

And in a Far East casino, the roulette wheel was covered with switchable glass allowing customers to bet for longer even after the ball had settled.

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What our clients say

"The client is very happy, the glass looks great and was straightforward to integrate into the Automation System."

James Moffatt - Synergy Lifestyle (UK)

"Switchable Glass was the perfect product as it allowed us to instantly change the look of the space with the flick of a switch!"

Laura Turnbull - Opera North (UK)

"I think every corporation today should use this technology to provide the ideal environment of privacy for office interiors. It's a stand out product which is cost effective and environmentally friendly."

Nawaf Al Shamari - Rare (Kuwait)

"Intelligent Glass provided TV2 Denmark with a unique opportunity to make the new studio more transparent, light and interactive."

Kristian Dreier - TV2 (Denmark)