Switchable Vision Panels

Product Overview

Smart glass vision panels for commercial & domestic doors

Battery powered switchable vision panels for integration into doors & partition walls

The latest innovation from Intelligent Glass is the Switchable Vision Panel, allowing discreet visibility into (or out of) a room at the push of a button.

Powered by a replaceable AA battery pack, concealed within the door, our Switchable Vision Panels work independently of mains power. This gives excellent flexibility and little or no disruption during installation.

In its frosted, unpowered state the panel acts as an opaque blind, giving the room complete privacy. While the button is pressed, the film becomes clear, allowing the room to be checked without needing to open the door or disturb the occupants.

To find out more, download the Switchable Glass Vision Panel spec sheet and our list of standard Vision Panel shapes.

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Fire rated switchable vision panel system
Battery powered, no mains required
Push button switch & low battery indicator
Low maintenance with 2-year battery life
Installed at manufacture or retrofit kits
Custom panel sizes & shapes made to order


Security & privacy

Battery powered

Custom shapes

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