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Custom Switchable Glass Solutions

For over 15 years, we’ve been supplying Switchable Glass technologies to homes and businesses around the globe with our customers using our products in a range of unique and exciting ways. The incredible versatility of switchable technology can often be overwhelming, making it hard to find a starting point and understand how it can be used in your environment. At Intelligent Glass we want to give you some inspiration as to how Switchable Glass can be used in different applications and unique environments that would benefit from a minimalist privacy solution.


Using Switchable Glass in listed and traditional environments

Renovating older and listed buildings can come with its roadblocks, whether it be legal restrictions or in trying to preserve the character of the home itself. One of the most common features in older properties are leaded windows which are often required to be preserved throughout any renovations. It may be surprising that despite the intricate appearance of these unique windows, they can be granted switchable capabilities. In one particular installation, we supplied 10 smaller Double Glazed Switchable Glass Panels used in a larger feature window layout in a kitchen space. Each of these panels were seamlessly integrated into the existing framework with the cabling discreetly hidden within the layout to maintain the appearance of the antique glazing style.

Switchable Glass also offers the opportunity to create private spaces without taking away from the architecture of a building. Opting for Switchable Glass Partition Systems as opposed to traditional stud walls gives you solitude when necessary but also allows you the option to maintain the listed décor and spirit of the property by switching the glass to clear.

Switchable Glass effects screens

Despite its popularity as a privacy solution, our Switchable Glass and Smart Film solutions are commonly used as effects screens across many market sectors. Notably our Switchable Glass has been featured in the Hollywood blockbuster “Prometheus”, as part of the futuristic dystopian set designs. 20th Century Fox were incredibly happy with how our switchable technology translated on screen saying, “We often need a surface to project onto that has the option of it being transparent. The switchable film/glass proved to be a superb solution and worked well in multiple installations on set. Several other materials offered good projection surfaces but none were able to provide the option of both a projection surface and transparency.”

Our Switchable Film also provides the perfect display for a product launch, offering a HD/4K rear projection screen when frosted before switching to transparent for the big reveal. Our Switchable Film literally stopped traffic when Rolls Royce used it on the infamous Harrods windows in Knightsbridge, London to celebrate the release of their Dawn Drophead Coupe. A countdown was projected on screen with our smart film cleverly linked to a timer, once the clock reached zero the film would switch to clear revealing the luxury motor inside.

As well as pairing our switchable products with timers and projectors, our technology can also be granted dimming ability, allowing you to control the opacity of the glass at will. The ability to control the amount of light that passes through the glass creates a world of possibilities for using smart glass as part of a display. In one project, a dimmer was used alongside our Switchable Glass to create a modern larder that slowly reveals its contents as part of a product demonstration. This kind of reveal is a great way to build suspense and add an air of opulence to any display or launch and could even be used in visitor attractions and museums to leave a memorable impression on guests.

A sophisticated privacy solution for abstract windows

Statement glazing is incredibly popular in residential environments with homeowners eager to flood their interiors with natural light, opting for abstract shaped features including gable ends and radius windows. As well as this, the rise in the industrial trend has also led to an increase in appeal towards converted office buildings that were once stately homes or listed properties. The eclectic charm of these interiors often features unique window formats which whilst being easy on the eye can be distracting when you consider factors like glare and the impact on privacy.

When you’re lucky enough to have features like these in your home or workplace, why hide them with curtains or blinds? Our Switchable Film can be retrofit to any existing glass surface, offering you privacy in the palm of your hand without any major disruption to your environment. Whilst curtains and blinds may at first seem to be the more cost-effective option, finding a solution that not only suits such bespoke glazing but fits it will be costly. In its off state our Switchable Film still allows natural light to pass through, offering a solution to glare or privacy without plunging the room into darkness and is manufactured to fit your exact measurements. The presence of natural light in an environment is linked to an improvement in mental health, our smart glass technology aids this whilst solving common aches that were previously solved with alternative privacy solutions.

We can also manufacture custom shapes and sizes in complete glass panels, including double glazed, acoustic and fire rated options. Single Switchable Glass panels can be manufactured in sizes up to 1.8 x 4m offering the potential to create stunning, minimalist glass facades that also provide privacy at will.


If you’d like to find out more about how our Switchable Glass and Film technologies can be used in unique or bespoke applications, get in touch via the form below or call +44(0)1226 361 306.