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Smart Glass in Healthcare Applications

It might surprise some people that a technology like switchable glass can play a very important role in healthcare.

In fact, it’s more suited to clinical environments such as hospitals, treatment rooms, surgeries and research labs than the corporate world you might expect to see it in.

Privacy is important in healthcare, and switchable glass offers instant control over privacy. And in the event of a power cut, it’s worth pointing out that everyone’s blushes are spared, as switchable glass will always revert to its frosted state.

At Wokingham Medical Centre (an award-winning refurbishment by Barbara Weiss Architects) 56 switchable smart glass double glazed windows were specified for the GP treatment rooms. Not only did this provide a stylish, controllable privacy solution, but it also delivered hygiene benefits, along with longer term financial benefit by removing blinds and curtains.

Hygiene, of course, is extremely important. Switchable glass removes the need for window coverings that harbour dust and germs, that require regular cleaning, and that also need replacing every 6 months (as in the UK’s NHS for example).

All of these costs and inconveniences are removed by installing Intelligent Glass privacy windows.

We are able to manufacture single panels for smaller healthcare practices, to bulk orders for large-scale refurbishments.

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