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Fire Resistant Switchable Glass (Fire Safety Rated)

Product Overview

Our fire resistant switchable glass allows you to have your cake and eat it, providing you with a multi-functional investment that’s stylish, compliant and safe.

Bringing all the benefits of our standard switchable technology, privacy or projection is still only a press of a button away, making it a comprehensive solution for commercial and residential applications.

Used in the correct way in commercial applications, fire safety switchable glass can help to safeguard valuable office equipment or even furniture, minimising damage and helping to contain any fire that may break out.

Considering that one of the primary functions of switchable glass is to provide privacy, fire resistant switchable glass is perfectly placed for enclosing somewhere like a server room- providing privacy to hide your valuable IT systems as well as containing any fire which may break out, an important feature for an area with such a high risk of fire.

Fire resistant switchable glass will help you meet fire safety regulations whilst maintaining the stylish and modern environment you are looking to achieve.

A perfect alternative for standard steel or wooden fire doors, fire safety switchable glass may even be a safer option, allowing for the potential of greater visibility in the unfortunate event that the unthinkable does happen.

We collaborate with Pyroguard for this product, adding switchable capability to their fire safety glass. For more information about Pyroguard and their products, you can check out their website by clicking here.

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