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Glass-walled Bathroom Switchable Privacy

Our self-adhesive switchable smart film has been fitted to the glass wall of two adjacent en suite bathrooms in a new-build in Wetherby, West Yorkshire, UK.

The 2m x 1.5m self-adhesive film is fitted to the inside of the bottom of the existing 2m x 2m glass walls, leaving a gap at the top for sunlight to enter.

Residents can switch instantly between an open garden view and a private bathroom using our RF remote control, providing a convenient, immaculate solution. When the remote control button is pressed the power is switched on and the film becomes transparent.

The (electric) busbar is located along the side edge of each piece of film, and is connected to a 50V 200VA transformer which is plugged into a mains socket located in the base of the sink unit. Dark grey matte vinyl trim is fitted around the edges of the glass wall to provide a protective discrete finish.

Our self-adhesive switchable smart film transmits over 88% of light when switched on (transparent) and transmits over 60% of light when switched off (hazed/private). Our installers survey the site in advance, taking measurements for the film. The switchable smart film has a self-adhesive layer for convenient application. If the film is removed it does not leave any residue.

Remote Control