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Hull Minster Switchable Smart Film

Switchable Smart Film at Hull Minster's Trinity Room

Nestled within the volunteer-maintained Trinity Room at Hull Minster, patrons are invited to enjoy a selection of beverages, cakes, and savoury treats in an inviting, well-illuminated space.

Occasionally, patrons found themselves contending with the glare from intrusive sunlight, for evening meetings in particular, prompting Hull Minster's Director of Operations to seek a remedy from Intelligent Glass.

In response, Intelligent Glass has seamlessly installed switchable film on the windows in the Trinity Room, reducing glare and light transmittance by around 30%, ensuring a more comfortable environment for customers.

The solution is four self-adhesive switchable film sections cut to fit the irregular shape of the existing windows. All four switchable film sections are powered by a single 50V transformer plugged into a mains socket and are controlled by a single radio-frequency remote control.

With a single button press, customers can enjoy the space without glare from the sun. No inconvenient fiddling with blinds; no beautiful architecture obscured - a seamless, elegant solution.

In addition to the front windows, Intelligent Glass installed switchable smart film on the glass ceilings of the Trinity Room toilet cubicles. When the switchable smart film is switched off it becomes frosted providing complete privacy, while still passing 60% of the light through. When the switchable smart film is switched on, it becomes transparent and occupants can see the Hull Minster above.