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Nursing Home Office Privacy with Switchable Film

Priority Care Home in Bradford, UK approached Intelligent Glass because they wanted the ability to conveniently switch from an open-feel glass-walled office to a private office. The office contains security camera screens.

We manufactured and installed six panels of self-adhesive switchable smart film at head-height to the interior side of all the (single-glazed) glass office partitions. The door and bottom half of the glass partitions already has (non-smart) frosted glass. A vinyl Priority Care Home logo is attached to the exterior side of one of the glass partitions.

All sections of switchable film are electrically connected together at their side-edge to a single 50V (200VA) transformer plugged into a mains socket and controlled by our remote control. When the user presses the remote control button the power is switched on and the film becomes transparent.

Our self-adhesive switchable smart film transmits over 88% of light when switched on (transparent) and transmits over 60% of light when switched off (hazed/private).

Our installers survey the site in advance, taking measurements for the film. During installation, the film shape is refined with scissors/blades for a perfect fit. The switchable smart film has a self-adhesive layer for convenient application. If the film is removed it does not leave any residue.