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Product Focus: Switchable Furniture

When it comes to Switchable Glass, meeting rooms and windows are usually the first things that spring to mind, but the reality is there’s a whole world of distinctive switchable products on the market. Whilst over the years we’ve worked on unique projects like switchable stairs or switchable car windows, Switchable Furniture is often forgotten. The potential for integrating switchable technology into furniture shows promise in both residential and commercial applications, with benefits ranging from security to performative effect. With solutions including upgrading existing displays or cabinets to creating fully bespoke standalone units, there are many reasons why switchable furniture could be the right choice for you.

Refreshing Existing Cabinets

When it comes to a fast turnaround, upgrading existing display cases or cabinets are your best option. Our Switchable Film solution is the ideal choice, manufactured with a self-adhesive layer for easy application to existing glass surfaces, giving control over the unit’s privacy at the touch of a button. Our smart film can be integrated into existing furniture with little disruption, with the film and wiring all placed on the inside of the cabinet to create a polished final product. By applying the smart film on the inside of the cabinet this not only makes the wiring more discreet, but protects the film from the standard wear and tear that furniture exteriors are subject to.

Whilst many collectors pride themselves on having their collections on show, security can often be a risk in these environments whether its that your display can be seen from outside your home or even that you work from your home with a daily client turnover. Having the option to conceal your displays at will when you’re not at home or working offers a peace of mind as well as a solid theft deterrent, whilst allowing the option still to show off your collection at any time. Switchable products also reduce solar heat gain by up to 40%, offering your goods added protection from notoriously damaging, harsh UV rays around the clock.

Switchable Units & Pantries

Pantries and storage spaces are often crammed into the more cramped, darker areas of your home, leading to these spaces often becoming neglected. By opting for switchable glass walls in these areas, you can allow huge amounts of natural light in to make the space more inviting and more usable. Whilst these kind of areas are commonly used as a dumping ground, choosing to incorporate switchable glass will encourage you to make the most of your space and show it off, whilst giving you the option to hide it at a moment’s notice.

We worked on a project with luxury kitchen designers Poggenpohl and leading home appliance supplier Electrolux on their ‘fourth wall’ concept, creating a pantry and wine cellar that could be hidden and revealed. This concept embraced the idea of kitchens being the social hub of the home, with the smart glass features adding an almost performative feature to the kitchen space.

Integrated Switchable Displays

As well as offering solutions for upgrading existing furniture and making the most of kitchen spaces, we can also provide smart glass for fully integrated switchable displays. Smart Glass displays like these are often used for larger or more expensive items that require their own display space, appearing from the exterior as a secure glass box. These are often not accessed via an obvious door or through the front of the display keeping a minimalist and polished appearance, switching only at the touch of a button or switch, with the option for voice automation with any smart home device.

Switch Glass displays can also be used to great effects in museums, visitor attractions and theme parks, where you can control when the display is hidden and revealed. Our Switchable Glass displays can also be combined with rear projection to create what looks like a display screen at first glance, before suddenly unveiling the real display behind! This was used to great effect by Rolls Royce who took over the windows of Harrods to launch their newest model, utilising a timer and projected countdown to gather crowds by building suspense.

 Our technology can further encourage engagement with traffic by using an interactive switchable glass screen that can be controlled by multiple users at once. This gives audiences all the information in one place along with the ability to interact directly with the display itself, making for a more memorable experience that’s more likely to encourage repeat business.

Bespoke Smart Glass POS Displays

Whilst we’ve considered displays on a larger scale like museums and luxury department store launches, switchable technology can also create more intimate displays that are just as effective. Using similar principles to our Switchable Vision Panels, we can manufacture bespoke switchable POS displays that can be controlled by a built-in button and even work via battery operation. These smart glass POS displays are ideal for retail environments that are always changing, touring exhibitions and even trade shows where the intrigue of the frosted glass is bound to draw in a crowd.

These switchable display cases offer a tidier, modern take on the traditional fabric cover removal of a reveal and can be made specifically to your requirements. We can even offer specialist switchable glass upgrades like coloured switchable glass or fire-resistant solutions to suit your aesthetic or safety regulations.


For more information on switchable furniture or to learn more about our other switchable glass and film solutions, get in touch via the form below or call +44(0)1226 361 306.

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