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Get the Look: Essential Contemporary Smart Home Design Ideas

With the ongoing nature of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us find ourselves spending much more time at home than we’re used to. One excellent way to beat your lockdown blues is to take advantage of your new life as a homebody and modernise your home design. And as we venture into the futuristic landscape of the digital age together, there are a multitude of new ways to enrich your space and usher your home into the future—with more functional décor available to us than ever before.

Here are 3 contemporary smart home design ideas for you to get started. Whether you decide to go for one or all of them, they’ll each help you create a fresh living space that’s totally unique, fully functional, and futuristic.

  1. Smart Glass Kitchen Partition

Many people consider their kitchen to be the heart of their home. Cooking and eating have long brought people together, and if you’ve ever cooked a family meal or hosted a dinner party, you’ll know that people quickly flock to the kitchen.

However, there might be occasions when you want to keep the kitchen area private—especially if you have an open plan interior design. Consider installing smart glass kitchen partitions to easily switch between having a clear and open space and two separate, private, and distinct areas.

  1. Mirrorvision Mirror Glass

Mirrors are great for interior design—they create an additional sense of space and depth in a room, as well as reflecting light to further illuminate the space.

But you might be struggling for space, or simply wanting to give your room a fresher, sleeker appearance—so how about combining your TV with Mirrorvision Mirror Glass? If the TV is turned off, it’ll appear as a regular mirror. As soon as you turn it on, however, the HD or 4K quality image will instantly flash up as expected—giving your space a functional and highly aesthetic appearance.

  1. Smart Windows

Though mirrors help us to brighten up the spaces, sometimes we might want to block out the external light to create a cosier space—this could be anything from reducing harsh levels of light in the room to simply wanting a little more privacy from the traffic outside.

Switchable Smart Glass (also known as Privacy Glass) works as a multi-faceted, transitional smart window. It instantly shifts between frosted glass (that obscures harsh light and lines of sight) and clear glass that allows natural light to enter your home and visually opens up your space. Privacy Glass offers a lower maintenance, more sanitary alternative to curtains and drapes, which can trap and release dust, mold, and other harmful particles into the air. Smart windows are a great way to simplify your home décor, while providing a layer of functional versatility that traditional windows and their accessories simply cannot measure up to.

Forget about large curtains or blinds. Instead, simply use Smart Glass Windows to instantly obscure external light, increase your privacy, and set the tone for your night in.

The new era of home design

When it comes to contemporary home design, many people find themselves choosing to spend their budget on designer pieces that, while aesthetic, rarely add any additional functional value to their home.

With the advent of smart home devices and smart glass products, however we can elevate our home’s existing design—while also making it sleeker, smarter, and more functional in the process. Make the most out of what you already have, whether it’s your windows or your TV, and incorporate smart glass technology to future-proof your interior design.



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