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Wholesale Mirror Glass

Product Overview

Mirrorvision mirror glass from Pro Display is a product that gives LCD/LED TVs a whole new look and feel. An optical glass technology that fully integrates with its surroundings, creating light and space in any room.

Pro Display's unique mirror glass reflections technology is combined with a number of display devices to create a screen with a difference. When the device is switched on, the PC/TV images magically appear through the mirror surface, becoming a high resolution screen. Then when the display device is switched off the screen surface reverts back to a normal mirror.

Pro Display offers a range of Mirrorvision Glass Panels or Framed Overlays to transform your LCD or Plasma Screen into a 'decorative mirror' when the device is switched off. Transform your screen by making it an integral part of the room's decor, adding a sense of style and elegance to any traditional or contemporary interior.

The optical Mirrorvision Glass Panels are also available in wholesale sheets - 1650 x 1100 x 6mm, so glazing companies, furniture manufacturers and shop fitters can integrate the technology into their own products / solutions. The mirror glass can be cut to size (toughened/tempered) and placed directly over your display screen using a special adhesive tape or fitted within a decorative frame which can be affixed to the bezel of your current display. Custom shapes and sizes can be cut to order.

For more information about Pro Display's Mirror Glass, please visit the Pro Display website.

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