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Get The Look: 7 Essential Design Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

Bathrooms have the potential to be both elegantly designed and functional spaces. If designed with flair, a bathroom can be a centrepiece to a home and a place of tranquillity and light that offers a spa-at-home experience every day.

Here we run through the latest trends in bathroom interior design and bathroom glass design to give you our eight top ideas to transform any bathroom into an open, modern, luxurious space.

  1. Smart Glass Windows For Natural Light

Frosted glass windows have been a feature of bathrooms forever, or at least that’s the way it feels. Frosted glass gives you much-needed privacy for bathrooms, particularly in urban settings where neighbours are close, but frosted glass cuts down how much natural light enters bathrooms. A lack of natural light sometimes makes bathrooms feel sterile and cold, and artificial light can be unflattering. 

Transparent glass allows more sunlight to flood into a bathroom, bringing the room to life and making it feel warmer and more welcoming. Sharp daylight also better highlights chrome, other metals, and bright tiles than artificial lights, making bathrooms sparkle. However, the lack of privacy may mean transparent windows are not a viable option for many homes. 

Here’s where smart glass helps. Switchable Smart Glass instantly turns from transparent to opaque at the switch of a button, or even a voice command, allowing you to balance privacy and light. The windows can be opaque when needed but switched to transparent the rest of the time to bring warming sunlight into the room. A large smart glass window placed in front of a freestanding bath makes a particularly impressive central feature in any bathroom.

  1. Use Glass Panels For A Broken-Plan Layout

Broken-plan bathroom layouts offer both the impression of freedom and space but also keep a bathroom dry where it needs to be. The idea is that large, strengthened glass panels are used to partially separate areas of a bathroom to create a broken-plan rather than an open-plan space. Two panels may be used to create a partially open shower cabinet, one panel to border off a toilet, another to separate a bath, and so on. 

Using coloured switchable smart glass panels also give your bathroom the option of added colour. Panels are transparent with a coloured hue when required but can be switched to a block of colour to add a dynamic and impactful design feature.

  1. An All-Glass Shower To Add To The Impression Of Space

All-glass shower cabinets are increasingly featured in modern bathrooms. The glass panels have no plastic or steel components, and as well as looking sleek and stylish they provide an impression of space even in the smallest of bathrooms.

All-glass showers also allow light to flow better through a bathroom, illuminating both the shower cabinet and the surrounding area. They also work perfectly with the broken-plan layout design scheme mentioned above.

  1. Add A Skylight To Bring The Outside In

Adding smart glass windows increases natural light and give views of the outside world, but this can be achieved to even greater effect with skylights. Smart glass skylights allow you to let light into your bathroom from above and provide views of sunlit skies and star-filled nights. Smart glass gives you the option to turn skylights opaque when needed, such as in the middle of the day when the sun is strong, to stop the bathroom from becoming too hot.

  1. Install Dimmer Lights To Add A Spa Atmosphere

Dimmer lights are most often used in bedrooms to provide control over light levels, but they can be best put to use in the bathroom. 

Sometimes you want to flood a bathroom with natural light, but at other times you want low light to create a more tranquil, spa-like ambience. During evening hours, or even during the middle of the day, blinds can be drawn, or smart windows made opaque, to minimise natural light. Dimmer lights set to lower light levels then create a calming atmosphere and transform the look of your bathroom.

  1. Get Brave With Your Mirrors

Mirrors are a feature of all bathrooms and provide the illusion of space and greater depth, able to transform the feel of a smaller or feature-packed room. 

Although mirrors are a perennial feature in bathrooms, all too often they aren’t given the prominence they deserve and are relegated to a small panel above a sink. The latest bathroom designs are incorporating much larger mirrors though, including large curved mirrors, free-standing mirrors, mirrors on stands, and even hanging mirrors that are positioned in front of windows and other features.

Escaping from the traditional above sink or cabinet-front mirror and embracing larger and more dramatic styles of a mirror create a striking feature that can change the feel of your bathroom. For an even more modern solution, why not consider adding a Mirror TV to your bathroom? These screens are specially designed for bathroom use, bringing the quality and functionality of a smart TV without looking out of place in a bathroom environment.

  1. Add A Smart Glass Bathroom Door

Bathrooms can be impactful and elegant design spaces, but all too often they’re hidden away from the rest of the home due to the need for privacy.

A smart glass bathroom door, or smart glass panels set in a bathroom door, opens up a bathroom to the rest of the house, as well as turning a plain door into a design feature itself. And it provides perfect privacy when required. A bathroom door with smart glass also helps bring light into and out of a bathroom, improving the flow of natural light through your home.

Find Out More About Smart Glass From Intelligent Glass

We hope the design ideas here have given you inspiration for your next bathroom redesign or update. If you would like to learn more about the smart glass technology featured here or better understand how it can be used to transform your bathroom or home, please get in touch with one of our experts. We’re more than happy to provide advice and to explain more about our range of innovative smart glass products.

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