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Reimagining the Kitchen with Poggenpohl

Creating unique interiors is important to many homeowners, looking to stay ahead of trends whilst creating practical, useable spaces. With this uptake in interior styling, we’ve seen our Switchable Glass used in many individual applications, from Switchable Stairs to Smart Glass Skylights. Providing some inspiration for the high-end home, we take a look back at a project that used our Switchable Glass as part of a concept that reimagined the kitchen as we know it.

The fourth wall kitchen smart glass pantry

Poggenpohl, known as the world’s oldest and most prestigious kitchen brand, sets the standard for luxury kitchens around the globe. Established almost 130 years ago with the aim to “make the kitchen better”, this particular concept was the product of a partnership with Electrolux Grand Cuisine to bring design and technology together. ‘The Fourth Wall’, aptly named after the classic theatre expression, places the kitchen centre stage and breaks down the barriers between host and guest to improve and elevate the traditional dining experience. With a heavy focus on open plan living, ‘The Fourth Wall’ offers a new take on six traditional spaces found in the kitchen; the butler’s pantry, larder, wine store, pastry counter, preparation bench and dining area.


This open plan concept allows the kitchen itself to become part of the socialising experience, functioning seamlessly for both social occasions and relaxed family evenings. Poggenpohl describes their vision perfectly saying:

“Poggenpohl – is an artistic approach closely related to the real-life full of worries – we understand more than ever the importance of your requirements to connect and to be connected. We are responsible for the design of the heart of your house; and we believe that: After coming back home, leaving aside the busy life, you will step into the kitchen and be yourself with your beloved ones, peacefully.”

In keeping with the theatrical concept, our products we’re specified to create spaces that could transform from a solid to a transparent state, mimicking the behaviour of stage curtains. We supplied our Tinted Switchable Glass to create the pantry and wine cellar, creating structures that were almost 2.5m tall offering privacy at the touch of a button when not in use.

The panels used in the glass structure were made up of a piece of 6mm Toughened Grey Tint Switchable Glass and a piece of 6mm toughened low iron glass, utilising a 12mm cavity between the panels to aid in controlling the temperature inside. At the heart of The Fourth Wall concept is the emphasis of using fresh ingredients to create great food. Throughout the kitchen the specially designed design features and technology from Electrolux means that everything from fruit & vegetables to meat and fish is held at optimum temperature and humidity until it’s ready for use.

The clever design of our ‘glass boxes’ works not only from an aesthetic point of view, but the functionality supports the hi-tech storage conditions at the centre of the design. By using the Grey Tint Switchable Glass, in it’s off state the smart glass offers a more luxurious appearance, blending in perfectly to the sophisticated kitchen design. When manufacturing for such a prestigious customer we wanted to ensure the finished product was as seamless and polished as possible, with each panel sitting perfectly within the minimalist framework.

Using switchable glass in areas that are normally hidden away is the ideal way to show off these spaces like the larder and wine store on your terms, for example showcasing fresh produce before and during the meal prep, then when it’s time to dine returning this to frosted to maintain focus on the food itself.

Smart Glass is the perfect tool to create versatile spaces in your home, with the ability to join and separate rooms and create more communal environments for all the family to enjoy. Whether its switchable glass pantries, doors or room dividers we have a solution for you.


If you’d like to use Switchable Glass in your need project or would like some more information about our range of smart glass, get in touch via the form below or call us on +44(0)1226 361 306.

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