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Black Tint Switchable Smart Glass

Product Overview

Switchable glass with a black tint offering a darker switchable product than standard

In line with our commitment to the development of switchable technology, Intelligent Glass are proud to announce our newest product in the switchable range - Switchable Dark.

This unique technology has been made using a proprietary manufacturing process that allows us to produce this darker variation of standard PDLC technology.

Market demand for a blackout switchable technology encouraged this development, however, due to the way PDLC technology operates, customers are often left disappointed that a true blackout switchable technology is physically impossible. This fact encouraged Intelligent Glass to begin work on a new product, a solution that blocks out even more light than standard switchable technology.

This product is the closest switchable alternative to a blackout solution possible, offering a darker switchable glass than has been seen in the past. The best of both worlds, Switchable Dark is the perfect compromise between a near blackout effect and style, allowing users to enjoy enhanced privacy as well as benefit from the functionality of switchable technology.

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