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Switchable Technology Takes Centre Stage

Switchable technology, also known as PDLC film or electric glass, compromises of 2 core product ranges from Intelligent Glass; Switchable Glass and Switchable Film and is traditionally used as a privacy solution for interior design or glass architecture. Changing state from frosted to clear offers designers the option of switchable privacy at the press of a button, as the glass changes transparency instantly, blocking visibility whilst still allowing ambient light to pass through. With virtually unlimited creative uses for such an incredible product, switchable technology has excelled in a range of applications from bathroom and shower room partitions to interactive presentation screens. However, few industries have applied switchable technology as creatively as stage-based applications, which allows designers and production managers to make the most out of its innate privacy functionality as well as its 4K projection capability.


Switchable glass partition

Switchable Technology stuns visitors as it changes state from frosted to clear in a cutting edge privacy solution seldom seen elsewhere.


In stage-based applications, switchable technology offers so much more than meets the eye, almost literally. Its switchable functionality allows for the potential of using either a projection screen or a transparent screen at any given moment – a claim that seems almost as contradictory as it is impressive. This is due to the dual functionality of switchable technology as both a transparent sheet of glass and a frosted screen or partition, opening a world of creativity especially on the stage. Simply by pressing a button, stage backgrounds, props or even other people magically appear before the actors and audience’s eyes, then, just as fast as they have appeared, these things can disappear instantly, simplifying stage transitions like never before. For more custom solutions, switchable technology is compatible with most home automation or sensor activation systems, allowing for an even more creative solution that better fits the needs of the production, such as voice activation, for example.


A Switchable Screen at Theater Saarbruecken being used for a live performance.

A Switchable Screen at Theater Saarbruecken being used for a live performance.


It’s not just theatre productions where switchable technology takes centre stage; live events, product launches and broadcast media are all stage-based applications where switchable technology has been particularly popular. In these applications, switchable technology has been specified for various creative endeavours. For example, for effective use in product launches, large products are kept behind a large switchable glass partition in its frosted state and then revealed usually following a suspense-building countdown. Such use of switchable technology is particularly revered amongst high-end and luxury car manufacturers such as Jaguar-Land Rover, BMW or Rolls Royce, all of which have used switchable technology as part of creative and public product reveals.


A Switchable Screen used by Jaguar during the launch of the F-Type

A Switchable Screen used by Jaguar during the launch of the F-Type


TV and news broadcast media are also highly reliant upon switchable technology for seamless transitions between content features. Live presentation-based media groups gravitate to switchable glass for the main reason that it can be switched to clear quickly after projecting content, reducing clutter on the set or stage instantly. As a particularly important aspect for shows of this type, the effectiveness in the delivery of informative or entertaining content is an essential component for quality broadcasting, so keeping the viewable area on the set or stage clear when required is highly important. For example, Bloomberg, the news giant utilises a switchable partition screen to project a background when relevant, such as during interviews, as well as being able to change the background or switch it to clear for other types of reporting, allowing them to show the busy news office behind the presenters, enforcing the scale and magnitude of the institution.


A Switchable Projection Screen used by Bloomberg

A Switchable Projection Screen used to great effect by Bloomberg


Switchable technology in its various forms offers stage-based applications creative options that designers may have never even considered before. Such innovative technology applied in this way can produce revolutionary results, wowing audiences at the same time as facilitating a smooth production, using simple technical solutions for potentially complex requirements. Stage venues, stadiums and broadcast stage sets all over the world are choosing switchable technology for their display requirements. Switch on to the latest revolution in stage technology and invest in switchable glass for your venue today!



Intelligent Glass offers a wide range of switchable smart glass solutions with options including toughened glass, laminated panels, smart glass windows and the retrofit self-adhesive switchable film.

If you would like further information, a pricing quote, or to discuss ideas for using our switchable smart glass and smart film products, please please get in touch using the form below, or call us on +44 (0)1226 351 759.

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