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Switchable Smart Film

Switchable smart film from Intelligent Glass allows you to transform existing glass windows, partitions, acrylic screens, plexiglass or other transparent surfaces for instant switchable privacy and security.

Our switchable film is manufactured with a self-adhesive static cling layer, ready to apply to a window (a clean and carefully prepared one).

Switchable smart film is operated by a simple electrical switch to control the opacity of the switchable film, turning it from clear to translucent. It can easily be integrated into home automation systems too, giving you even more control.

When opaque (in its unpowered, frosted state) switchable film also acts as a high quality projection screen. Rear projection gives you the highest quality image, whilst front projection effects can be enhanced with an additional reflective coating.

Switchable film also provides thermal, solar and sound insulation benefits, helping to keep rooms cool, comfortable and quiet.

Exporting worldwide, we serve the needs of hundreds of architects, interior designers, retailers, office fit-out companies, glass processors, partitioning firms and more.

Switch on to Intelligent Glass – the clear choice

Switchable Smart Glass Skylight in ceiling

Switchable Skylights

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Switchable Smart Rear Projection Film in a museum

Switchable Smart Projection Film

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Self-Adhesive Switchable Smart Film in corporate office

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Switchable Smart Film for lamination

Switchable Smart Film For Lamination

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