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Product Focus: Curved Switchable Glass

Despite glass partitions now being frequently seen in modern office spaces with their ability to provide privacy without completely blocking out the remaining workspace, their presence is now becoming predictable from a design perspective. At Intelligent Glass, we love to push the boundaries and create unique products, that is why our patented Switchable Smart Glass technology is loved by designers and architects alike as it breathes new life into dated glass partition systems. But if glass that transforms from frosted to clear at the touch of a button still isn’t enough for you, why not consider our Curved Switchable Glass? In this article we explore the need to knows of Curved Smart Glass and how trends are now moving towards soft curves and more organic shapes.

What is Curved Switchable Glass?

In short, Curved Switchable Glass consists of glass that has been specially manufactured using a bespoke mould, designed individually for each application, and heated to a high temperature to create its curved shape. This can then be either retrofit with our Self-Adhesive Switchable Film or laminated using an EVA interlayer to create a Curved Smart Glass Panel.

What is the difference between the retrofit and laminated Curved Smart Glass options?

The difference isn’t in the product itself but in the application of the Smart Glass layer. The method used will determine how and where you can use your Switchable Glass. Retrofitting our Self-Adhesive Switchable Film is usually reserved for applications where you are enhancing an existing glass partition. Our Switchable Film is ideal for projects requiring a more cost effective solution, time sensitive applications or for projects that require a refresh with little disruption to the surroundings.

However, by choosing the laminated option you open up a world of possibilities for installation in areas such as wet rooms, showers, hospitals and other high traffic areas. The lamination process produces a more versatile yet robust solution when compared to its retrofit counterpart as it seals the switchable layer between two pieces of glass.


What are the key benefits of using Curved Smart Glass?

  1. Aesthetics

The most obvious benefit is how aesthetically pleasing curved glass can look in the right application, creating more fluid and ambitious concepts in interior design and with the additional features of Smart Glass, the possibilities are endless. Take a meeting room for example, using standard glass partitioning or stud walls can leave users feeling trapped and confined, but by building a softer, curved structure using Smart Glass, the space changes instantly feeling more welcome and less restricted with the ability to change your surroundings from frosted to clear at will.

We can also incorporate company logos and graphics into the design to create a truly bespoke product for your project, or with our Switchable Film solution, create a 4K projection surface to control the mood of the room or use for presentations and meetings day to day. We completed a project with a private healthcare clinic in Romania, where our Switchable Film was applied to the existing curved glass partitioning of a treatment area to create a band of privacy when required. This when paired with a projector and ambient lighting, created a relaxing and comforting environment for patients to undergo treatment in as well as putting the room to use as a projection canvas when unoccupied.

  1. Durability

The structure of curved glass panels are designed to be highly load resistant and can be a great addition to structural applications. This along with our lamination process produces a robust solution that is safer for applications with a higher footfall or for areas that risk the glass becoming wet. This combination of Curved Smart Glass creates not only a reliable privacy solution but could also reduce building costs due to its structural integrity, making Switchable Glass a worthwhile investment for all involved.



Our Curved Switchable Glass is becoming increasingly more popular as office designs and requirements change over time with the fast moving trends. If you’re interested in refreshing your office space or have an idea on how you could use Curved Smart Glass in your next project, contact us using the form below or call +44 (0)1226 351 759.

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