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Creating Memorable Displays with Switchable Glass

Switchable Glass provides an elegant finishing touch to any commercial or residential environment, offering a theatrical experience in switching from frosted to clear on command. Whilst switchable technology has many practical functions for use around the home as well as being aesthetically pleasing, it’s in the public domain where it really has the wow factor. We’ve seen our Smart Glass technology used in many inventive ways in commercial settings over the years, with some of our high-profile case studies offering the perfect inspiration for your next project.

Window Displays

Window displays and visual merchandising is a guaranteed tool to boost sales and increase brand awareness. Not only do visual displays grab peoples’ attention, they also boost message retention to a whopping 42%. With over 65% of people identifying as visual learners, it’s easy to see why window displays can be so effective. By enhancing windows with our retrofit Switchable Film, you can use a projector to create an eye-catching hybrid of physical and digital displays.

One of our most high-profile projects to date was the Rolls Royce takeover of the world-renowned Harrods department store window space, to launch their Dawn Drophead Coupe. The self-adhesive Switchable Film was applied to the huge window space covering over 10 square meters in time for the Christmas period to capitalise on the larger seasonal audiences. A countdown was projected onto the windows allowing time for crowds to gather before the film, connected to a timer, switched to clear to reveal the Rolls Royce Dawn in all its glory.

Whilst the switchable window display for Rolls Royce was designed to be enjoyed from outside, our switchable film has also been used to create window displays to be viewed inside. We worked on a project for IP-Only, Sweden’s best open network, in their showroom to display their vision for the future of the company. From the sixth story space, the 10.5m x 2.5m window space offered a wonderful view of Uppsala, combined with our Front Projection Switchable Film these windows became a canvas to visualise IP Only’s ‘smart city.

Freestanding Displays

As well as the large format window displays switchable technology can be used to create smaller freestanding displays, ideal for retail or exhibition use. Whilst our switchable glass and film products are connected to mains power as standard, we can use our Switchable Vision Panel technology that can operate with the use of a battery pack. Using replaceable AA batteries, the switchable panel is controlled by the touch of a button that when touched turns the glass clear and when released, frosts over again. These kind of installations create intrigue with passing traffic, encouraging engagement with the display to create a more memorable customer experience.

Retail Displays

Freestanding displays are a great choice for attracting customer attention, but Switchable Glass can also be used in retail displays to create a more luxurious, expensive experience to suit your product. A great example of this is the use of a Smart Glass partition by Mercedes to create a more extravagant ending to the customer journey. Instead of the tired huge bow or sluggish removal of a cover, upon a customer’s collection of a new car, the vehicle is placed behind the switchable wall, revealing it to the customer at the touch of a button. This not only suits the brand’s image but it also helps to solidify trust and reputability in the brand helping to justify the purchase.

Museum Displays

Museums, galleries and visitor attractions have always been a huge champion of using Switchable Glass in their displays, whether it be with a projector or to create more immersive exhibits. A unique integration of our Smart Glass was a museum project where it was used to create a switchable floor, revealing original artefacts under the feet of visitors on que. Switchable Projection Screens can also be used in a range of ways including being suspended from the ceiling, as well as standing on the floor to create more immersive displays that are ideal in experiential applications.


If you’d like to use our Switchable Glass or Smart Film in your display or would like some more information on our switchable range, get in touch via the form below or call us on +44(0)1226 361 306.

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