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Switchable Glass Features for the Home

Home renovations have rocketed in popularity after people were confined to their homes for the majority of the last year. Overtaking Pinterest, Instagram has become the place to be for interior design inspiration, with some accounts boasting 100k + followers that have become invested in their renovation journey. Whether it’s watching a forever home being built from the ground up to taking ideas from budget DIY fixes, it’s never been so easy to find inspiration for designing your home. But with so many accounts to choose from and more being created every day, its hard not to start chasing the next renovation project just as the last has finished.

No matter how savvy the makeover there is nearly always a cost involved, but how can you ensure the choices you make have longevity with the temptation to redecorate every few months? Our Switchable Glass products not only completely change a space but offer a versatile decorative solution that blends with your changing taste. Here we show you just a few of the ways our switchable technology can be used to create timeless interior features in your home.

Statement Windows

Appreciating the view from your home will never get old, and Switchable Glass lets you embrace it like never before. Windows that were previously shrouded by blinds and curtains no longer need to rely on these restrictive cloaks to ensure privacy at selected times. Switchable Glass is an innovative technology that gives the user total control over privacy, switching from frosted to clear on command. This clever solution lets you use your windows to their maximum potential and even allows for more extravagant window designs that might not have been considered previously due to the lack of privacy the standard alternative offers.

Our Switchable Double Glazing is our most popular choice for external window applications, offering an improved thermal performance as well as a minimalist privacy solution. Our Double Glazing can be manufactured in single unit sizes up to 1.8 x 4m with the option for bespoke shaped panels, offering the potential to create huge unique windows that don’t require surrounding clutter to provide solitude.

We also offer Switchable Film that can be retrofit to existing windows or glass surfaces. As well as being a more budget friendly solution, it requires little to no disruption to your surroundings during installation as it is manufactured with a self-adhesive layer. We work to your measurements exactly, manufacturing pieces of Switchable Film that are completely bespoke to your requirements, ensuring the perfect fit when the film is applied in your home.

Glass Walls

Now more than ever space is at a premium in your home, leaving us to rethink the way in which we use the rooms we have. Luxuries like en suites and snugs are becoming more difficult to make appealing, as limited space is often restricting them to windowless corners of your home. Integrating our Switchable Glass walls into your home can create a stylish décor feature for one room that also benefits another. Our smart glass wall systems are most commonly used as an alternative to traditional stud walls between en suites and bedrooms, allowing the bathroom to benefit from natural light from the main bedroom as it lacks the space to accommodate windows.

When using switchable glass partition systems in bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen applications, we recommend our Laminate Switchable Glass that offers a safe and more durable solution for high traffic areas in the home. For a more budget friendly solution that’s best suited to occasional rooms, our Switchable Toughened Glass is recommended. Our toughened glass solution is popular in partition applications for entertainment rooms and spaces as it also doubles as a HD/4K rear projection screen, ideal for special occasions or minimalist homes that seek a more refined alternative to a wall mounted TV.

For smaller spaces or rooms that can’t accommodate a glass partition for structural reasons, our Switchable Doors are a perfect alternative. Available in custom sizes, our smart glass doors can be manufactured to fit existing spaces in your home, allowing natural light into the space around the clock whilst supplying privacy on command when necessary.

Specialist Switchable Glass

We offer a range of specialist Switchable Glass solutions that we’re designed to cater to the aesthetic needs of an environment. If you’re looking for an extra layer of privacy, our Switchable Dark offers a sleek grey effect in appearance and brings a cosier atmosphere to any room. To create a brighter feature for your home, why not consider our Coloured Switchable Glass or Switchable Mirror Effect Glass, creating feature walls that won’t block out natural light but will impress friends and family. For a unique office or en suite design, our Curved Switchable Glass creates a modern, sweeping divider, guaranteed to enhance the interior of any home creating a brighter, more pleasant space to live.

Smart Glass Home Install

Over the years we’ve also seen our popular Switchable Film used in clever ways around the home from Switchable Furniture to Switchable Glass Stairs. The clever integration of Switchable Glass stairs was enabled by the precise planning of the rest of the property. Capitalising on dead space underneath the stairs the owner created a spacious bathroom, flooding it with light by lining a skylight up perfectly to the staircase that can then be switched between frosted and clear depending on the occupancy.

switchable staircase


If you’d like to find out more on how our switchable solutions can be used in your home, get in touch via the form below or call us on +44(0)1226 361 306.

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