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Can Switchable Glass Save you Money on your Energy Bill?

In 2021 more than 20 domestic energy suppliers ceased trading due to wholesale gas prices rocketing over the course of the year with no signs of slowing in 2022. With the energy price cap predicted to rise by 51% in April, the boss of the UK’s largest energy supplier has said these prices could last as long as two years, posing the question of what homeowners can do to make this more manageable? Whilst the simplest answers come from remembering to turn off your lights or using your heating more sparingly, it’s essential that you shouldn’t have to feel restricted by these changes in your own home.

With Switchable Privacy Glass already offering such versatility switching from frosted to clear on command, we ask, can switchable glass save you money on your energy bill? It’s already been established how beneficial double glazing can be towards energy saving, with all new build properties in the UK featuring them as standard, but can smart glass technology improve this even further? Our Switchable Double Glazing is manufactured in a similar way to traditional DGU’s, utilising a warm edge spacer bar and an argon filled air gap between the two glass panels for greater insulation and performance.

Our smart glass DGU panels are not only equipped with the same efficiency of a standard double-glazed unit but offer a higher level of insulation due to the incorporation of switchable glass technology. Our full switchable range of products can reduce any heat lost through glazing by up to 30%, helping your home to stay warmer for longer, and in the summer months even reduce glare and minimise solar heat gain by up to 40%. Choosing to incorporate smart glass into your home can not only help to reduce your bills but allow you to use your space to its full potential. With no need for traditional privacy solutions blocking out natural light sources, your home can be given a new lease of life by creating private spaces that don’t have to rely on artificial lighting.

Our Switchable Double-Glazed Units can also be manufactured with a number of glass options including low E coatings, providing the most efficient smart glass windows on the market. We also offer a triple glazing option which boasts impressive efficiency, offering not only superior solar heat gain properties but thermal insulation, sound protection and even enhanced security.

Whilst our double and triple glazed solutions give you the best level of energy efficiency, using any product from our range of switchable glass and film reduces any heat your home would previously lose through glazing by up to 30% due to their smart glass properties. This means you can even upgrade your existing windows using our Self Adhesive Switchable Smart Film for energy efficiency on a quick turnaround. Our smart film is designed to retrofit to existing transparent surfaces and offers a less disruptive, cost effective alternative to other switchable technologies

Switchable glass and film technology is a great investment for any home, not only offering higher energy efficiency and instant privacy, but allows your home to reach its maximum potential with its minimalist appearance and ability to flood spaces with natural light around the clock. We offer a range of other smart glass solutions suited to use in the home including switchable glass doors and bifolds, smart glass partitions that can also be used as a HD/4K projection screen and Switchable Dark Smart Glass with a black tint for more aesthetic applications.


If you’re interested in improving the energy efficiency of your home with our switchable glass solutions or would like to know more about our switch glass products, get in touch via the form below or call us on +44(0)1226 361 306.

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