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Switchable Glass Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold doors, also known as bi-folding doors, sliding dividers or simply, folding doors, are doors that slides open whilst its panels fold up and stack neatly against the wall or each other, like an accordion or concertina. A common application of bi-fold doors is to connect rooms to an outdoor area, making them popular patio or conservatory door solutions. However, they can be used for a variety of purposes and are not solely used for outdoor connecting.

These doors tend to comprise of 2-7 glass panels on rollers and connected with hinges. The ‘traffic doors’ that are often included allow you to open it just as you would a normal door. This is great for the winter months, as the bi-fold function is optional whist maintaining the coveted outdoor view effect that bi-fold doors are so popular for.

The Privacy Conundrum

As a very popular solution for domestic and commercial markets, bi-folding doors are becoming increasingly sought after for home improvement and property development projects. However, with those big glass panels that make up the bi-fold door comes one of the biggest issues with this solution-


This factor is often over looked right up until the door has been ordered or even installed, and the end user can be left feeling vulnerable and open with their new contemporary door/wall solution. Depending on how big their door is, they may even struggle to find blinds or curtains that fit. This may result in them having to resort to a costly custom privacy solution that is far from ideal.

In many cases, people do not even want blinds or curtains to accompany their bi-fold doors. As a premium option compared to standard door solutions, bi-folds are a deliberate minimalist style choice that many do not wish to cover up or clutter with the sight of cumbersome curtains or messy blinds. The size of these privacy options also has an impact upon maintenance commitments, potentially even giving the end user more work to do in keeping the curtains or blinds clean and dust free. Since bi-folding doors are commonly used in kitchens, these privacy solutions are far from ideal, as those strong kitchen smells can cling to blinds or curtains.

"SwitchOn" to Intelligent Privacy

Switchable glass bi-fold doors negate these problems all together. Our switchable glass replaces standard glass that is commonly used in bi-fold doors, offering uniquely neat privacy. Our cabling solutions ensures a tidy setup, with all cables securely fixed when the doors are open, and hidden once the doors are closed.

The way switchable glass works in bi-fold doors allows it to be in frosted mode (power switched to off), creating total privacy whilst still letting a degree of diffused light into the room. Turning clear at the press of a button, you can still have that open minimalist atmosphere whenever you choose.

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