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Have an Intelligent Christmas

Switchable Glass is a magical and impressive technology that is traditionally used for privacy applications. The glass changes state from frosted to clear using PDLC technology at the press of a button, allowing for creative uses in all sorts of applications, from corporate to retail to residential; the beauty of this technology is that it can be applied anywhere practical privacy is required.

Recent innovations of the technology has seen developments that push the envelope of what is possible with Switchable Glass, allowing for more creative and exciting uses that weren’t imaginable before, giving rise to a new generation of more functional Switchable products that can be used in even more applications. A great example of this is our Rear Projection Switchable Glass, which offers both an innate privacy function as well as the ability to project onto the frosted screen, opening up new imaginative uses for such a screen.

Switchable Projection Screen in window display

Anil Arjandas enjoy the projection, privacy and security advantages of using a Switchable Projection Screen in their window display

Christmas is one of the most important times for businesses, we see spending sky rocket and competition intensify. At this time of year, the pressure to stand out increases and often, businesses don’t know where to turn to give them an edge over their rivals. But it’s not just the retail industry that struggles during the Holidays; corporate offices all over the world find themselves scratching their heads searching for an appropriate way to mark the festive season that will not only raise their profile, but also bring an atmosphere to their workforce. Likewise, even the general public go to great lengths at this time of year to celebrate the period by styling their houses with appropriate festive decorations to maximise the comfort and happiness in the build up to and on Christmas day.

The question of how to celebrate Christmas in an intelligent way is one that often receives more thought than it requires; to many questions, switchable technology offers a competent answer that continues answering all year round. Matching the atmosphere for many Western countries, Switchable technology’s frosting functionality is a lot more useful than the frost you would usually expect at that time of year. For residential applications, Switchable Film  or Glass offers the general public an incredible privacy solution that allows them to have a private Christmas morning without even having to physically interact with blinds or curtains. One of the latest innovations seen from Intelligent Glass is the prophetic Voice Activated Switchable Technology, allowing control of the room’s privacy simply via voice, saving time and hassle on Christmas morning whilst attention may be focused on elsewhere. Such a neat and elegant solution may not satisfy all residential requirements itself, but coupled with extended functionality and wider glass options, we can begin to see how Switchable Technology comes into its own.

Voice Activated Switchable Glass

Voice Activated Switchable Glass in a residential application offers simple and controllable privacy to the occupant

Functionality such as projection and interactivity offer these residential customers a whole world of opportunity for their switchable screens or windows, from innovative home theatre applications to home automation control panels; switchable technology has the power to make your home a smart and comfortable place to be, not only at Christmas, but all year round. Similarly, the wide range of glass options available with Switchable technology makes it all the more flexible. For example, Laminated Switchable Glass opens up the option of using switchable technology as part of a shower privacy screen or even in wet room applications. Cutting edge privacy of this standard serves as an ideal family investment, not to mention assisting in the atmosphere of a bedroom and en-suite bathroom, where controllable privacy may be desired especially at the time of year traditionally set aside for spending time with loved ones. Switchable Double-Glazed Units (DGUs) are another great example of the impressive glass options available, allowing customers to enjoy the privacy benefits of switchable technology without having to compromise on energy efficiency or security, assisting with a warm, comfortable and safe Christmas for all.

Corporate applications of switchable technology enjoy many of the benefits residential applications do, indeed the glass options and extended functionality is maximised in this environment as these aspects are often introduced for more practical reasons than just theme or comfort.  For example, the option of using Fire Rated Switchable Glass offers more protection in high value or important areas without compromising on design theme or style. However, what makes switchable technology particularly special in a corporate environment is that with additional manufacturing processes, most of these glass options with Switchable technology can also serve as an effective rear projection screen. Such a function allows businesses to transform their corporate office instantly simply by projecting themed content onto the partitions or windows.

Fire Rated Switchable Glass

Fire Rated Switchable Glass offers designers all the benefits of switchable technology without having to compromise on compliance or safety

A great example of this can be seen from DC Thomson in their Fleet Street offices. By projecting onto their outward facing windows, they created a magically coordinated display extending across multiple floors, producing an amazing effect that not only excited staff, but also caught the attention of passers-by. Such use of switchable technology was incredibly creative, creating a buzz around the office for their own celebration whilst raising the company’s profile to the outside world. With Switchable technology, DC Thomson were certainly having an ‘intelligent Christmas’.

Rear Projection Switchable Film

Rear Projection Switchable Film offers DC Thomson a privacy solution that doubles up as a synchronised projection screen across multiple floors

Applying this incredible projection effect elsewhere, the retail industry has made the most out of this in Christmas window displays at some of the most competitive locations in the world. By using switchable technology in a retail application, store owners are able to apply a wide range of features to their outlets simply by using switchable technology to its fullest potential. For example, using a Rear Projection Switchable DGU enables the ability to not only project on to the window and switch the glass when it best suits the store, but using a DGU also affords the store that extra level of security they may need, especially if they sell high value items. In addition to the glass options offering a level of security, the innate functionality of switchable technology also offers a level of deterrence as the glass may be used effectively to help conceal high value items on display.

Whilst a retail store’s job is to help sell these items, having them on display whilst the store is empty of staff members outside of trading hours can represent a significant risk to businesses. Having these items concealed whilst projecting promotional adverts in their place allows the display to remain productive even when the store is closed. A great example of how well this can be used can be found at the luxury jewellers, Anil Arjandas in Mayfair, London. Not only this, but they also offer a fantastic example of how this can also be used to create an effective Christmas display. Whilst Anil Arjandas do use this switchable window display all year round, during the Christmas period in particular, their vision is totally realised, framing the display in beautiful decorations allowing it to shine in a way it cannot at any other time of the year. Their use of switchable technology here facilitates the coming together of a combination of design aspects that work together in synergy. Each part of this well thought out Christmas display brings more to the overall effect than if they were to be used individually, making Anil Arjandas’s Christmas a truly intelligent Christmas.

Anil Arjandas Rear Projection Switchable Film

Luxury jewellers, Anil Arjandas make the most out of a Rear Projection Switchable Film screen to keep their window display productive without displaying high value items out of hours


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