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5 Ways You Can Customise Smart Glass

For over 15 years, we’ve been developing our own range of patented Switchable Smart Glass, supplying high profile and award-winning projects across the globe. We’ve seen our Switchable Film applied to the prestigious windows of Harrods and set sail on board a 125-million-dollar superyacht, with the versatile nature of our Smart Glass range we literally offer a solution for every application. We love to see the creative ways our Switchable Glass is integrated into different environments, but it’s understandable that it’s difficult to be creative if you don’t understand exactly whats on offer to you. To help get your creative juices flowing, we’re highlighting five of the most popular customisation techniques we manufacture for bespoke projects around the world.

Retrofit to anything! – Switchable Smart Film

The beauty of our Self-Adhesive Smart Film is that its designed to retrofit to any existing transparent surface. One positive of this is that it provides a more cost-effective solution to an end to end smart glass solution as you can simply upgrade your existing glass rather than replace it completely. For us, the main benefit is how many different ways our Smart Film can be applied to glass in all shapes and sizes. Over the years we’ve seen Switchable Film fitted to display cabinets, creating suspense in the build up to a product launch and even worked on a project to bring a Switchable Glass handbag to life!


From creating small Switchable Vision Panels at 400 x 400mm to manufacturing 36 cut to size Switchable Film Pieces spread over 4 storeys in the intricate window design of the DC Thomson Offices, we’re no stranger to projects big or small. We can manufacture single Switchable Glass panels in sizes up to 1.8 x 4 meters and our Switchable Film can also be joined to create larger stretches of switchable technology. At Intelligent Glass were able to manufacture Curved Smart Glass and unique shapes like circles or more abstract silhouettes to fit existing windows or as part of bespoke set design or retail visual merchandising.


Intelligent Glass offers Coloured Switchable Smart Glass in a range of tints that can be used to give your glass a more striking, quirky effect. We’re able to do this using a number of specialist manufacturing processes like laminating with coloured resins or applying bespoke transparent coloured tints allowing us to offer a solution for any occasion. As well as this, we offer a Black Tint Switchable Smart Glass, the closest switchable alternative to a blackout effect, blocking out a significant amount more light than its standard switchable counterpart when turned off and creating an edgy black tint transparent effect when on.

Specialist Glass For any occasion

We can manufacture glass with a range of specialist qualities in order to provide solutions for any application. As well as our standard toughened glass, we offer a laminate option which is ideal for bathrooms or high traffic areas and both double and triple glazed solutions preferred for residential applications. For office spaces requiring extra privacy, our Acoustic Switchable Glass is compliant in Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) standards giving your boardrooms, offices, and meeting rooms total privacy both visually an audibly. For a product that meets more rigorous safety and compliance regulations, our Fire Resistant Switchable Glass is fire safety rated, offering a perfect alternative to standard steel or wooden fire doors and allowing the potential of greater visibility in the event of a fire. At Intelligent Glass we have a history of working closely with partners and contractors, so with products like our Switchable Glass Floors we work directly with your structural engineer beforehand to ensure that the finished product adheres to all standard and regulations necessary.

Rear Projection

One of the easiest ways to customise your Smart Glass is to project onto it! We offer a Self-Adhesive Rear Projection Film option that can be retrofit to any existing transparent surface or a full screen solution using our toughened glass. Using our Smart Film we can manufacture standard screen sizes or custom cut the film to fit any glass size, using multiple pieces joined to create large format displays. One of the most memorable projects using switchable technology and rear projection was the product launch of the Rolls Royce Dawn at Harrods, London. Our Smart Film was applied to the windows of the world’s most luxurious retail store, acting as a canvas for countdown every three minutes before revealing the Rolls Royce Dawn to the crowds gathered outside.


Almost every product we manufacture is bespoke, from working regularly to dimensions for existing windows in homes to the more weird and wonderful of manufacturing switchable aquariums. If you’re feeling creative and think Switchable Glass might be the missing piece of the puzzle, get in touch via the form below or call +44 (0)1226 351 759.

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