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Exploring Specialist Smart Glass Solutions

Switchable Glass is an incredibly versatile solution with our products being ideal for use in a range of environments, from homes to retail and commercial environments. In recent years we’ve seen our Smart Glass used everywhere from display cases to hospital wards, with our retrofit film featured at Jaguar launch parties and even on a superyacht.

Whilst our standard solutions can be used in lots of unique ways, we also offer a range of specialist Smart Glass products suitable for everyday use. As well as our Switchable Film being used to create smart glass stairs and floors, take a look below at some of the product variations on offer to create a truly unique solution:

Curved Switchable Glass

Traditionally, creating Curved Smart Glass is done via retrofitting Self-Adhesive Smart Film onto existing Glass, making its use limited to applications that are exclusively recommended for film. However, our research and development advancements have led to a complete curved glass solution that can accommodate the benefits of a wide range of our standard smart glass products including Laminated Safety Glass.

This innovation has led to the potential for Curved Switchable Glass to be featured in challenging environments like wet rooms & bathrooms as well as high-traffic applications like hospitals and attractions. Whilst curved smart glass offers no difference in practicality to standard smart glass solutions, the aesthetics can make a huge difference to any interior by creating a statement feature. Utilising curves is a popular architectural choice creating a natural flow to any interior, our robust Curved Smart Glass solution offers additional privacy on demand to replace and upgrade existing meeting room and glass partition arrangements.

Switchable Dark

A great option for aesthetic applications is our Switchable Dark technology, offering a darker variation of our standard smart glass products. Whilst it is disappointing that true blackout switchable technology doesn’t exist, our product offers the closest PDLC alternative. Switchable Dark is dark grey in colour and blocks out even more light in it’s off state than standard smart glass, appearing like a dark tinted glass when a current is applied.


This stylish glass feature is a common choice for residential interiors like bedrooms that wish to gain more privacy, with the glass also helping to control the levels of sunlight due to its darker tint. Another popular application of this unique technology is its use in external glazing like skylights and high-level windows where the tint of the glass can help to diffuse the light whilst regulating the comfortable temperature within the house.

Fire Resistant Glass

Fire Resistant Glass is often specified as a necessity in many working environments and when used correctly can help to safeguard belongings whilst minimising and controlling fire damage. With Switchable Glass being such a popular choice in commercial environments, it seemed only fitting for us to team up with fire safety glass experts Pyroguard, to produce Fire Resistant Switchable Glass.

fire rated switchable smart glass

Our collaboration makes it possible for you to meet necessary regulations without compromising on style, even offering an alternative to standard steel or wooden fire doors with a full glass panel that would also provide greater visibility in the event of a fire. Our Fire Safety Smart Glass has previously been used to replace windows into a server room, not only offering privacy for their sensitive IT system but also offering a high level of containment for fires in such a high risk area.

Sound Insulating

With privacy at the center of the long list of benefits for using switchable glass, it makes sense that we also offer a sound insulating option. Offered as an upgrade for all of our standard switchable glass solutions (Toughened, Laminate, Double Glazing), we can manufacture the glass to meet requested dB ratings to make our panels compliant in Noise Reduction Rating Standards.


A popular choice for commercial spaces the added benefit of having acoustic glass allows for the creation of completely private spaces like meeting rooms that don’t have to be devoid of natural light. Whilst also used for concealing loud machinery, sound insulating glass is a great choice for residential use with some customers opting for acoustic glass walls and doors to create bright, private office spaces in areas of the home which previously would have gone unused.


If you’re interested in learning more about our range of specialist smart glass solutions, get in touch via the form below or call us on +44(0)1226 361 306.

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