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Master Bedroom Stuns with Switchable Film

When it comes to designing a home, it can be difficult to compromise on your aesthetic in favour of comfort. For instance, when choosing a sofa obviously comfort is key, with the appearance happy to be settled on if you find ‘the one’, but it might be harder for you to let go of a more minimalist aesthetic in favour of a more comfortable ‘lived in’ look. One trend that doesn’t seem to be going away is bringing the outside in, yet many homeowners feel implementing this impacts their privacy or lack off, so they have to decide whats more important, the look or their comfort?

Fortunately, this wasn’t a decision our clients had to compromise on, due to our Switchable Film. In this project the property in question was one of 42 homes in an exclusive development in Lancashire, where the homeowners were lucky enough to have an existing gable end window in the main bedroom of their home, overlooking their garden. Whilst this feature window provided them with an enviable view from the comfort of their bed, it also left them in plain sight of passers-by and anyone occupying the garden. By retrofitting our Switchable Film to their windows and doors, they could control the privacy of their space instantly without losing the impact of the window itself.

Ideal for a bedroom setting, this solution allows light to pass through even when switched off keeping the space light and airy whilst providing total privacy. By turning the film on using a remote, wall switch or even voice automation, the film switches to clear offering an uninterrupted view out of the window. As well as supplying the film we also installed the 5 pieces of Switchable Smart Film to the window structure along with a discreet cabling system to wire the film back to the power source. Prior to the install we used the bespoke measurements of the windows to cut our smart film to fit the unique shapes necessary, offering a cleaner, minimalist alternative to sourcing custom fit blinds or curtains.

Not only is our Switchable Film our most budget friendly switchable solution, but it’s also installed with the least disruption. The film itself is manufactured with a self-adhesive layer making its retrofit application to existing windows and doors very straightforward, with us even providing an installation guide and support to help you along the way. Our smart film is available in widths up to 1500mm and can also be joined together to fit large panels or partitions.


Gable end windows are a popular application for switchable technology as understandably, homeowners want to maintain their style and effect but recognise the necessity of privacy. As well as being able to manufacture custom double-glazed units for similar style windows, like the ones seen in our last install, we also offer a finished Switchable Dark solution. Switchable Dark is the closest switchable alternative to blackout technology, offering a more ambient effect when compared to standard switchable glass solutions. This tinted smart glass is ideal for windows or glass facades that get a lot of sunlight like south facing windows, as our Switchable Dark blocks out more light than its standard counterpart.

We understand that each home and application is unique and that there are many factors to consider in order to choose the best switchable privacy solution for you. As well as offering solutions for external windows and doors we also offer smart glass solutions for inside the home, one of our most popular being Switchable Laminate Glass which is often used to maximise the spread of natural light between bedroom and ensuite areas. For more inspiration on how switchable technology can be used in your home, download our Residential Switchable Solutions brochure to see some of the creative ways our technology has been used over the years.


If you’re thinking about using switchable glass or film in your home or you’d like some more information about our products, get in touch via the form below or call +44(0)1226 261 306.

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