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Interactive Touch Foils

Product Overview

Pro Display's Interactive Touch Foils transform any glass or acrylic surface into a touch screen, making them the ideal choice for interactive retail store window displays.

The touch foil has an electrostatic cling liner laminated to the surface, making it perfect for both permanent and temporary applications.

Clear Interactive foils for LCD Monitors 10" - 30" diagonal.

Interactive Rear Projection Foils 30" - 82" diagonal.

The Interactive Projection Foils are designed for rear projection applications onto glass and come as a kit which can be simply installed within a matter of minutes. Each Interactive Touch Foil comes with one of four types of projection material laminated to the surface:

  • Sunscreen - sun readable screen for applications in direct sunlight.
  • Pro Diffusion - high qjuality, high contrast screen for general display / window applications.
  • High Gain - excellent value, high gain screen for general display / window applications.
  • Clearview - transparent / holographic screen for general display / window applications.

Our Interactive Foils offer greater stability and reliability than other competing projected capacitance foils in the market. Our upgraded software and driver with USB connection have been digitally approved by Microsoft. The interactive foils can be used for single touch applications on glass up to 20mm thick and for dual touch applications on glass that is up to 8mm thick.

Standard Sizes

30", 40", 50", 60", 67", 72" (4:3 & 16:9), 82" (16:9)

For more information about Pro Display's Interactive Touch Foils, please visit the Pro Display website.

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