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PDLC Product Research and Development

For over 20 years, Intelligent Glass, has been refining and perfecting the range of switchable products in the market. As the UK's leading manufacturer of smart glass and smart film, our Research and Development team have helped to develop both existing and new technologies, from improving our manufacturing processes, to creating innovative products such as Self Adhesive Switchable Film and Battery Powered Switchable Vision Panels.

Our dedication to continuous improvement reflects the care we take over the manufacture of each and every product we supply, and our research never stops. In line with our commitment to the development of the PDLC product range available from Intelligent Glass, we are continuously working on new products on our own or in conjunction with our partners that draw on current and emerging technologies, ensuring that our products bring leading innovations to the market.

This section will explore products currently in development as well as some that have been recently launched. Whilst some of these products have not been brought to market yet, many of them are indeed ready for launch. We often work to bespoke requirements and as such, we ask you to please contact us if you are interested in any of the technologies below.


Switchable Dark

This solution blocks out even more light than standard switchable technology. Whilst a full blackout switchable product is not available due to the nature of PDLC technology, this product is the closest alternative possible, offering a darker switchable glass than has been seen in the past.

Switchable Mirror

Switchable Mirrors see the best of both switchable and mirrored surfaces working together to offer this stunning display solution. Ideal for high end or premium spaces, this product makes an incredible style choice for any environment where design is a consideration.

High Reflective Switchable Glass

High Reflective Switchable Glass is a unique product that combines switchable technology with a highly reflective coating, producing a mirrored switchable effect. Ideal for retail or high end displays, this switchable product makes a big impact on passers-by.

Voice Activated Switchable Glass

Reach a new level of convenience, style and simplicity, as we make it easier than ever for you to activate our products. As part of an effective automation system, you can watch as your office, living room, bedroom or bathroom springs to life as you utter the phrase that commands your glass to change state.

Switchable Front Projection Screen

Due to the limitations of PDLC technology, switchable projection products have traditionally been rear projection based. Intelligent Glass are proud to have developed a manufacturing process that allows us to produce an effective front projection switchable screen.

Interactive Switchable Screen

A product development that brings the power of touch to switchable technology. Standard rear projection switchable projection screens are ideal for meeting rooms and information points. This suitability is only made more effective when the screen is granted touch capability, making for an exceptionally effective presentation screen.

Sound Insulating Acoustic Switchable Glass

There is no better way to compliment a switchable privacy solution than by using glass with sound insulating properties. In environments which necessitate audio privacy, this product provides you with the ability to provide sound insulation without having to compromise on style or effect.

Fire Safety Switchable Glass

Working alongside our partners Pyroguard, we have developed a switchable product that provides you with a multi-functional investment that will help you meet fire safety regulations whilst maintaining the stylish and modern environment you are looking to achieve.

Coloured Switchable Glass

Designed to facilitate switchable technology in a wider variety of environments, Coloured Switchable Glass is a product we have developed with a proprietary manufacturing process that allows us to colour the glass.

Battery Powered Switchable Vision Panels

Revolutionising the way we bring switchable technology to clients, this product offers a stylish yet effective privacy option to those who prefer the default of privacy without wanting to block out all light.

Self-Adhesive Switchable Film

Arguably one of the biggest developments to hit the PDLC product market, Self-Adhesive Switchable Film offers retrofit switchable technology to customers at an affordable price without the need for specialist installation tools.

Self-Adhesive Switchable Film

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