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Smart Glass Projection Screens

The quality and consistency of the Intelligent Glass switchable layer when in its frosted, unpowered state lends itself perfectly to rear projection. This clever combination of technologies offers a projection screen that can 'disappear', providing a HD/4K display screen when turned off and a holo-effect image when the glass is turned on.

Our sister company, Pro Display, has a global reputation for award-winning, innovative display products. You can rest assured that the performance of our switchable glass projection screens is up to the test, with global brands like Rolls Royce and Cirque Du Soleil championing it's use.

Switchable projection screens can be manufactured using toughened glass, or a lightweight acrylic, depending on your installation requirements. Single panel screens can be manufactured in sizes up to 1800mm x 4000mm, with the option to join multiple to create a smart glass projection wall. You can also turn any existing glass surface into a projection screen using our retrofit switchable film, perfect for window displays or existing glass partitions.

We also offer a front projection switchable glass solution too, which requires an additional layer of reflective material meaning in it's transparent state the clarity is slightly reduced.

For further functionality, Switchable Smart Glass Projection Screens can also be granted touch capability, delivering an interactive Switchable Smart Glass Screen that is ideal for presentations, meeting rooms, classrooms and many other applications.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions, or want to discuss your ideas for using switchable glass projection screens.

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