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Architects & Interior Design Projects

Switchable Smart Glass and Film provides architects and interior designers with a wide range of stylish privacy options. Ideal for luxury or high-end projects, Switchable Smart Glass is a unique privacy solution that changes glass from frosted to clear via a control switch.

With a range of switches available, architects and designers can create the ideal privacy solution for their project using a remote control to switch the glass from up to 25 metres away, a fixed switch installed in the wall, or even a Voice Activated control switch using a virtual assistant.

Switchable Smart Glass is a hygienic and low maintenance alternative to blinds and curtains that is ideal for windows, glass partitions, skylights and even floors. Switchable film even allows for application to existing windows, dependent upon the surface it is being applied to, making the designer's job even easier.

The versatile nature of our technology allows Intelligent Glass to offer a wide range of specialist solutions that would serve as convenient for architects or designers, with different glass options offering increased safety and security, protection and compliance, creative versatility and even audio privacy in office or home theatre applications.

As an additional feature, most Switchable products can be integrated with a range of smart home and office applications, offering cutting-edge privacy solutions and making it easier than ever to use Switchable technology in smart environments.

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