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Design, Aesthetics & Practicalities: Essential Need-to-Knows for Office Spaces

Office spaces have changed considerably over the past couple of decades. While the de facto office used to consist of cubicle upon cubicle, the vast majority of modern workspaces embody chic, open-plan aesthetics. You might well find relaxation areas filled with sofas, beanbags and table tennis tables, as well as private pods where you can take phone calls. In fact, some offices even have their very own slides.

You spend roughly 40 hours a week at work—so it’s crucial that your office is somewhere that you’d actually like to spend this amount of time. And in the current climate, as many staff are switching between working from home and the office, amidst changing COVID-19 guidelines it’s important that office spaces work from both a design and social distancing perspective.

But how can you transform your company’s office space, making it as functional and aesthetic as possible? In this article, we’ll run through some essential need-to-knows for office spaces and give you four ways to turn your office space into something to be proud of.

Switchable Smart Glass Partitions

Glass offices are great, but they lack one thing: privacy. Sure, you can always partially frosted or completely frosted glass, but this lacks the functionality and versatility that you gain from Switchable Smart Glass Partitions.

When the glass is clear, this will tell the rest of the company that you’re ready and willing to take visitors. When you’re in a meeting, however, or you just fancy some privacy, you can instantly change it to opaque.

Never again will you have to choose between having an open, communal office space or the privacy that comes with traditional walls, doors, and blinds. Instead, you’ll have the best of both worlds.


Smart Glass Windows

Our Smart Glass Windows—made by integrating a PDLC layer into the windows themselves—will transform your office space. Switchable smart film technology offers a UV stable and environmentally friendly solution, reducing solar heat gain by up to 40%.

You’ll also do wonders for your team’s eyesight—there’ll be no more headache-inducing squinting to see what their screens say when there’s too much sunlight coming through the windows. Instead, the glass can be instantly switched to translucent to prevent excess light from streaming through. Smart Glass windows can also act as a deterrent for crime, appearing like normal windows throughout the day but frosted when turned off outside of office hours concealing any valuables inside.


Switchable Smart Projection Film

Presentations are part and parcel of business. With our switchable smart projection film, you can seamlessly transform any glass surface into a projection screen that’s ready-to-go at all times. You will now benefit from a multi-functional glass partition—with glass wall spaces that double up as a presentation surface—instead of having to roll down a screen or stud wall.

To create a Switchable Projection Screen all you need to do is apply our specialist film, manufactured with a self-adhesive cling layer (peel and stick, set your projector to ‘rear projection’ and you’re done! That’s it. There’s no lengthy installation process and no permanent eyesore to contend with. Instead, the film will blend seamlessly into the interior when not in use.


Next-level elevators

First impressions count—and this is especially true in business. Now you have the opportunity to jazz up your elevators with our Switchable Glass Floors(combined with a rear projector) and make sure to strike a strong impression from the get-go with prospective employees, clients, and investors.

Switchable Glass means that you can customise your elevator according to any number of themes. For instance you might decide one day you’re bored of the standard frosted look, choosing to model the interior of your elevator after a jungle, while another day, you can instead make the glass fully transparent, giving you endless possibilities for refreshing your existing design.


Your office deserves better

Ready to transform your office space into a true competitive advantage? If so, get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your particular needs—we’ll make sure to respond to you as soon as possible.

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