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Product Focus: Crittall Style Switchable Glass

Despite being invented in the 1880’s and solidifying itself as a design staple of the art deco era, Crittall style glazing is once again an interior design must have. Over a century since it’s heyday, these metal framed windows are a popular choice for contemporary homes and offices looking to add a hint of industrial décor to their interiors.

Moving away from their original use in external glazing, these banded glass solutions are in high demand for use as shower screens, glass partitioning and internal doors with avid DIYers even creating their own budget versions while they save up for the real thing! This art deco glass solution is a great focal point for any interior where standard glass would usually look unfinished or out of place.

While the impact of this industrial style glazing is undeniable, their bold transparency can prove to be a problem when it comes to living or working with them. Whilst homeowners are quick to replace internal doors with this banded glass alternative, they also remove the option of privacy for that space. Similarly, in commercial environments Crittall style partitioning in meeting rooms and private offices might initially give visitors that wow feeling on arrival, but after experiencing the constant prying eyes of a workforce it’s easy to become uncomfortable and uninspired in such an environment.

At Intelligent Glass, providing privacy with style is our speciality. For over 15 years, we’ve taken pride in offering privacy on demand to homes and businesses all over the globe, creating custom solutions and constantly challenging the norms for how our switchable technology can be used. With the increased popularity of banded glass partitions, it seemed only natural for us to offer a switchable alternative!

Using either laminate or double glazed Switchable Glass, our technology can be integrated with crittall style metal framework to create a contemporary solution that also offers instant privacy. This style of framework integrates with our switchable technology with the same ease as standard partitioning and door structures. Our tried and tested wiring system is designed to be discreet, staying hidden even inside the delicate appearance of these industrial style frames. Our Switchable Glass can also be manufactured with acoustic, sound-insulating properties giving you both visual and audible privacy, an ideal solution for meeting rooms. We can also provide fire rated alternatives, which are now often a requirement in commercial and corporate environments.

Being specified on projects both nationwide as well as globally, we’ve worked with contractors, installers, architects and designers to ensure a seamless integration of our products into a range of environments. Working with your chosen banded glass framework supplier, we ensure that the glass is manufactured specially to your requirements, fitting into the industrial style frame perfectly when the installation is underway on site.

The benefits of using banded Switchable Glass rather than the standard industrial style glazing surpass more than just having the ability to offer both transparency and privacy on demand. Using laminate or double glazed Switchable Glass provides a sturdier solution than standard banded glass solutions, making them ideal for more high traffic areas like bathrooms or kitchens. Not only can you create switchable Crittall style glass partitions that are soundproof using acoustic glass, but our double-glazing solutions have improved thermal performance and low energy consumption to help regulate room temperature and create a more comfortable environment.

Intelligent Glass switchable solutions aim to be as easy to use as possible and can be controlled by a range of methods. Our Switchable Glass can be wired in a traditional style to a wall switch but is most popularly controlled via a remote that can be used up to 25 meters away, offering total control of your privacy in the palm of your hand. More commonly seen in residential environments, our Switchable Glass can be operated using home automation software like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

This Crittall glazing style is just one of the many switchable solutions we can help create for your home or business. We love seeing the unique ways our Switchable Glass can be used and strive to do our best to bring your creative ideas to life. This passion has led us to working on some incredible projects over the years, including developing switchable glass aquariums for a touring art exhibition as well as revealing the new Rolls Royce Dawn in the prestigious windows of Harrods.


If you’d like some more information about Banded Switchable Glass solutions or would like to discuss how you could use switchable technology in your next, get in touch via the form below or call us on +44(0)1226 361 306