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Switchable Film used in Luxury Home Entrance

A grand entrance is at the top of the decorative bucket list for many homeowners, daydreaming of huge front doors and an enviable staircase when they first walk into their home. Whether you’re creating these kinds of spaces to flood your home with natural light or simply to make a statement, you’re guaranteed to make an impression on anyone who walks through the door. We recently worked on an installation at a residential property in the Wirral, boasting a stunning atrium designed to maximise natural light flow through the house, where the homeowners required a more controllable solution.

This stunning home featured gorgeous bespoke double doors, surrounded by six pieces of glazing meeting at a triangular point to accentuate the unique shape of the property. To take more control over the privacy of their home without losing the option of a view, Intelligent Glass were contacted to supply and install our Switchable Film for a complete refresh.

From the ground to its highest point the glazing structure stood over a huge 6 meters with each panel of glazing requiring its own made-to-measure piece of film. Due to the size of the panels involved, with one standing at nearly 2.5m in length and height, our engineers also had to carefully join pieces of the film with no obvious join lines to create the finished effect. With almost all the pieces of film being over 2 meters in height, our installation team worked together to complete the install, even requiring the use of a scaffolding system to reach the panels above head height.

This luxury install required the highest level of care to blend the switchable film seamlessly into the existing windows, with our team using custom sprayed cover trims to disguise the necessary wiring to match the framework perfectly. Our transformers are also able to be operated from up to 10m away, offering a flexible amount of cable length to ensure the power source can be kept out of sight to maintain a minimalist interior.

The six panels are all connected to a single transformer, controlling all of them simultaneously from a single controller. In this particular installation, the homeowner opted to use our RF remote control switch and receiver which can switch the film from up to 25 meters away. We also offer alternative control options including wall switches and the increasingly popular smart home control using popular devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home Assistant, where you can switch your glass via voice commands.

Alternatively in applications like this, our Switchable Glass & Film products can be connected in sets utilising more than one transformer so that the panels can be controlled separately. For example, if you had 6 panels that you wanted to control individually you would use 6 transformers with 6 remotes, or if you wanted to control 3 and 3 together, two transformers and two remotes would be used. This kind of setup can often be appealing in applications where it’s also hard to control glare, so panels may need to be controlled separately to offer greater visual flexibility.

Opting for Switchable Film for this project made the most sense as the existing glazing was in perfect condition and the owner required a solution with little disruption and a fast turnaround. The self-adhesive nature of the film makes it an ideal candidate for DIY installation, however in a job this size our expert installation team was required to ensure the highest quality job. For installations that want to incorporate this kind of smart glazing in a new build project we would recommend our Switchable Double Glazed Units, offering a solution that can withstand more wear and tear as well as increasing the energy efficiency of your home by reducing solar heat gain.


If you’re interested in using our Switchable Film in your next project or you would like more information on how our switchable products can be used, get I touch via the form below or call us on +44(0)1226 361 306.

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