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Switchable Private Offices at DF Capital Bank

We have installed our self-adhesive switchable film in two offices at DF Capital Bank in Manchester to make the offices instantly private with a remote control button press.

Four vertical (0.8 x 2.1m) columns of self-adhesive switchable film were fitted to the 3.3 x 2.1 meter glass wall in the CEO's newly built office. All the sections of film are electrically connected at the top to the same 50V (200VA) transformer and controlled by our radio-frequency remote control kit. When the power is switched on the film becomes transparent. The transformer comes with a 3-pin plug attached, but this can be removed if the customer prefers it wired directly into a fuse spur.

Our installers survey the property in advance, taking measurements for the film. Because our switchable film can be retro-fitted, no changes to the existing glass wall are necessary. During installation, the film shape is refined with scissors/blades for a perfect fit. The switchable smart film has a self-adhesive layer for convenient application. If the film is removed it does not leave any residue.


We independently installed our Switchable film to the door and glass wall of the boardroom.

We fitted three (0.8 x 2m) columns of self-adhesive switchable smart film to the glass wall, and one (1 x 2.1m) column of smart film to the door.


The switchable film panels on the door and glass wall are powered by a single 50V (200VA) transformer, and are controlled by a single RF remote control.