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University Robot Factory uses Switchable Film

Cutting-Edge Switchable Film Technology Enhances Advanced Manufacturing Facility at University of Nottingham

We have supplied & fitted switchable film at the University of Nottingham's Advanced Manufacturing Building to create a versatile, dynamic space.

Omnifactory is a national demonstrator and test-bed for smart manufacturing systems. It develops and tests the latest digital technologies, enabling its industrial partners to transform their manufacturing practices for the future.

Switchable film can be switched from opaque to clear by applying an electric current. This makes it a versatile product that can be used for a variety of applications, including privacy windows/doors/partitions and projection screens.

We retrofitted two panels of shaped 2m x 1.4m self-adhesive switchable film to the windows in the control room of the Omnifactory, which has a strategic view of the robots on factory floor in the Advanced Manufacturing Building at the Nottingham, UK site. This means that the film was applied to existing windows, rather than having to install new windows.

When the power is switched on the film becomes transparent, revealing the factory floor. When the power is switched off, the film becomes opaque, providing complete privacy.

All film panels are electrically connected at the top to a 50V (200VA) transformer and are controlled by our radio-frequency remote control kit.

This video shows Omnifactory's control room, the switchable film, and the factory floor robots in action.

Our team carried out a site survey in advance. The switchable film panels are powered by a 50V (200VA) transformer, and are controlled by a single RF remote control. The transformer comes with a 3-pin plug attached, but this can be removed if the customer prefers it wired directly into a fuse spur.


  • Privacy: Switchable film can be used to create privacy on demand. This is ideal for offices, meeting rooms, and other spaces where privacy is sometimes required.
  • Convenience & elegant: Switchable film is a convenient and elegant alternative to blinds and curtains.
  • Light control: Switchable film can be used to control the amount of light that enters a space. This can be helpful for reducing glare or creating a more comfortable working environment.