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Eliminate Glare with Switchable Film

From privacy on demand to its aesthetic appeal, the benefits of switchable technology are clear to see, both in home applications and commercial environments. The potential that can be achieved using smart glass products is massive, with previous projects including switchable glass stairs and even automotive windows. Our versatile Switchable Film allows for many creative uses, even functioning as a high-quality rear projection screen, but it’s impressive list of practicalities is often overshadowed by its initial aesthetic impact.

Alongside the nationwide uptake in home improvement, we’ve been involved in an increased amount of residential installations of switchable products all over the UK. Our most recent project was the manufacture and install of 4 pieces of shaped Switchable film for a stunning gable end window overlooking the Cheshire countryside. With such a sought after view these windows create an incredible feature for the home, however due to them lining up perfectly with the rising sun, the daily dose of harsh lighting was becoming a nuisance. In light of a solution, the homeowners opted to adapt their existing windows with our smart film on the top row of glazing where the majority of the problematic sunlight was coming through.

By choosing a switchable film solution over alternatives like blinds or curtains the homeowners were not only able to maintain and appreciate the craftsmanship of the wooden framework, but were able to enjoy the same bright space without the uncomfortable and harsh glare. Our smart film is custom cut and prepared to your measurements, fitting perfectly to your existing windows, creating a minimalist effect that simply cannot be achieved with clunkier window coverings. From a practicality standpoint, our switchable smart film gives you complete control over glare whilst maintaining the flow of natural light, minimising solar heat gain by up to 40% without darkening the room.

Understandably, the residents opted not to install the film across the full window system as only the top level of glazing was causing the inconvenience, also maintaining visibility of their picturesque surroundings around the clock via the lower windows. This retrofit smart film solution has made it possible for the residents to truly enjoy their home, now able to have breakfast in the kitchen and appreciate their view in a space that was previously unusable at that time of day. The key benefit of using switchable in spaces like this is how you don’t have to make a compromise, with the power to switch the windows from frosted to clear instantly and still offering a fully uninterrupted view when necessary.

Our Switchable Film is manufactured with a self-adhesive layer, making its installation easy and hassle free. With our well-seasoned team of installers, the wiring and transformer was able to be discreetly hidden, integrating perfectly into the existing framework and interior décor. In this particular install the smart film is operated using a remote control, switching the windows from up to 25 meters away. Our switchable products can also be controlled via wall switch and even voice automation using popular home assistance products like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

The homeowner, Howard Lees was very happy with the final result and installation saying, “Your installers really are fine workers, they are meticulous and extremely careful to make sure the quality of the work is spot on. They spent an inordinate amount of time making sure the glass was clean and making sure that everything fitted just right. You are very lucky or perhaps very skilled at creating such good workers, they were polite and just nice to have around the house while they were here.”

Our team have been providing switchable solutions for over 15 years, working start to finish with our customers to create the perfect smart glass feature for their homes. With everything from the initial consultation to the site survey and installation, our dedicated team takes into account all your needs to offer a product that’s completely bespoke to you.


If you’d like to know more about how our Switchable Film and Glass technologies can help you create a more comfortable living or working environment, get in touch via the form below or call +44(0)1226 361 306.

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