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Switchable Glass: The Ultimate Architect’s Privacy Solution

Switchable technology (also known as PDLC technology or electric glass) has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. With the advent of smart homes and offices, people are looking to be more connected than ever with their space. Switchable technology offers architects an incredible solution to wow their clients and is a versatile technology that can serve a variety of design requirements.

More Than Just Glass

As a more hygienic and low maintenance alternative to blinds and curtains, switchable technology offers clients switchable privacy using glass that can turn clear or frosted at the press of a button. Ideal for windows, glass partitions, skylights and even floors, switchable film even allows for application to existing windows, dependent upon the surface it is being applied to.

The versatile nature of switchable technology allows us to not only offer film, but also a range of specialist solutions that would serve as convenient for architects or designers. Switchable technology is available as fire resistant glass offering protection and compliance, coloured glass allowing for more creative versatility and even sound resistant glass ideal for extra privacy in office or home theatre applications.  As an additional feature, switchable glass can be integrated with a range of smart home and office applications, making it easier than ever to use. PDLC technology is a great privacy solution for so many applications, enabling us to offer a range of products that helps architects meet their brief with style. From switchable double-glazed units (DGUs) to our revolutionary switchable door panels, Intelligent Glass have developed products that are designed for convenient and stylish privacy at the press of a button from up to 25m away.

Switchable Technology in Homes

bi-fold doors

As mentioned above, switchable technology can be integrated into a range of home based applications. These applications bring a wide variety of amazing privacy solutions that are suitable for applications in most rooms of the house, from the front door right through to the bathroom. Amongst these applications sees switchable glass perform effectively in doors. As doors have an innate privacy function at its core, their functionality is only complemented by switchable technology. Adding switchable vision panels in the front door, for example, offers clients a privacy solution that enables them a momentary instance to unveil who is at the door without having to allow this kind of exposure permanently. This creates a very impressive impact as visitors are wowed by the technological marvel of switchable technology whilst admiring the installation in the client’s home. One of the benefits of switchable glass in this application is that it is not a black-out technology. In other words, it does not completely shut out light in its frosted state, which serves as a great advantage when ambience and energy use is considered, as during the day, light is still allowed to enter the home whilst maintaining effective privacy.

Switchable skylights and switchable bi-fold doors also offer further applications that switchable glass can be an effective privacy solution for. Ideal for conservatories or patio doors, switchable technology can help turn a potential area of high exposure into the private space usually craved in a private home.


Switchable Technology in Offices

switchable glass officeAs a popular privacy solution in corporate offices, switchable glass offers architects and designers a stylish and impactful privacy option that can reinforce a brand’s theme or meet a range of specified requirements for office environments. From projection to interactive capability, switchable glass could be a valuable tool in boardrooms and meeting rooms where presentations are conducted, offering users the privacy and functionality demanded from such an environment. However, switchable glass offers architects much more by way of design; with natural light being a particular focus for many professional architects, switchable glass helps solve this issue with its stylish instant privacy. Being able to switch between frosted and clear makes switchable glass a perfect and practical alternative to walls or standard glass partitions. Furthermore, switchable glass is a fantastic alternative for applications where blinds are considered, providing a privacy solution that is easier to clean and maintain than blinds.

Intelligent glass can brighten up darkened areas, helping make your staff feel comfortable by giving them the opportunity to switch between an open and intimate environment at the press of a button. The intrigue and originality of switchable technology is also likely to impress others too. Seeing that your project is recognised for its design could earn you credibility in your field and likely offer an effective promotional tool for your company or studio.

Case Studies

Number 23

number 23 smart glass project

Ruskin School of Art

Ruskin School of Art Switchable Smart Glass project


Intelligent Glass offers a wide range of switchable smart glass solutions with options including toughened glass, laminated panels, smart glass windows and the retrofit self-adhesive switchable film.

If you would like further information, a pricing quote, or to discuss ideas for using our switchable smart glass and smart film products, please please get in touch using the form below, or call us on +44 (0)1226 351 759.