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New Year, New Home – Switchable Technology in the Home

January is seen by many as a time of renewed energy in so many facets of life. Putting away the festive decorations for another year offers most people a great opportunity for change; spaces that previously accommodated heavily decorated trees and decorations are stripped bare, often leaving them looking vacant or even cold, starkly contrasted to the explosion of colour and decorations seen during the festive season. However, as quality home styling and interior design becomes increasingly easier to accent with technological solutions and consumer-based products, there is a potential for the home environment to be more comfortable than ever, with many turning their heads to switchable technology in the home in 2019.


Switchable smart glass exterior windows

The adoption of switchable technology throughout a home can offer a lot more in the way of style and functionality than many other traditional solutions on the market


Virtually every aspect of the home can be improved using a technological solution, so it makes sense to strongly consider such solutions during this opportunity for change. Specifically, the adoption of switchable technology in the home can offer a lot more in the way of style and functionality than many other traditional solutions on the market, whilst giving your home a stylish, cutting-edge and refurbished feel. Intelligent Glass offer a wealth of switchable products manufactured with care and expertise which can heavily contribute towards pushing your home into that next level of comfort and class.

For example, Voice Activated Switchable Glass or Film offers users the ability to change the state of their glass from frosted to clear via a simple voice command. Particularly relevant in this technological climate, such a feature fits in seamlessly to most smart home systems and can be installed as a full solution or as a retrofit option on most pre-existing windows. The light transference of switchable technology on outward facing windows is such that it still allows a degree of ambient light to spill into the room even when the glass is switched to frosted, allowing occupants to benefit from natural light whilst preserving their privacy. Voice Activated Switchable Technology is not only a step in the right direction in terms of smart home integration, but its functionality is superior to that of traditional window privacy, reducing the need for messy and high maintenance curtains or blinds.



If voice activated technology is not a priority, switchable products can be activated via remote control as standard from up to 25 metres away, offering greater control over lighting and privacy than can be achieved via traditional means. Moreover, the complete solutions offered by Intelligent Glass provide a range of glass options for exterior windows, such as Switchable Double-Glazed units, which offer all the benefits of both traditional double-glazed units and switchable technology. For more specialist solutions, Intelligent Glass also offer Fire Rated Switchable Glass and Sound Insulating Switchable Glass, which may have applications in a safe room, home workshop, or for example, in the home of a musician. Making it even more impressive, switchable technology can serve as an effective 4K projection screen, offering more functionality to dividing partitions in the way of home entertainment.


Rear Projection Switchable Smart Glass screen

Switchable technology can serve as an effective 4K projection screen, offering more functionality to dividing partitions in the way of home entertainment.


Many switchable products are as versatile as they are functional, offering a range of technological solutions that can keep your home feeling both cutting-edge and comfortable for years to come. For example, by using Switchable Laminated Glass, occupants are offered heightened safety as well as stylish privacy in wet room or bathroom areas, meaning switchable technology can be applied as shower privacy screens or even bathroom partitions.


Wet room switchable smart glass shower privacy screen

A common application of our glass is for shower/wet rooms and hotel bathrooms, providing stylish discretion for occupants.


In a true testament to its versatility around the home, switchable technology can even be applied to doors; Switchable Bi-Fold Doors offer a unique solution to Bi-Fold door privacy, which are traditionally large windowed doors that can make privacy and security an issue. Sourcing, fitting and then cleaning the blinds or curtains often used for these doors can be high maintenance and messy, potentially even disrupting a chosen style theme or design. Switchable Bi-Fold Doors solve these issues by offering instant controllable privacy without the need for blinds or curtains and since the glass’s natural state is frosted, it is not actively ‘on’ when you are most likely to want privacy.


Switchable glass bi-fold doors in the home

Our switchable glass replaces standard glass that is commonly used in bi-fold doors, offering uniquely neat privacy.


As well as Bi-Fold doors, switchable technology can be applied to a wide range of other door types, including composite doors, glass doors or even many types of traditional doors with windowed panels. What makes this innovation particularly special is the way the glass can be activated, as certain doors that have the space may be able to contain a battery pack that powers the technology, allowing for button activation that is completely localised to the door itself – no remote control necessary. Such an installation in a composite door, for example, would allow for a unique and exciting spin on the traditional spyhole often seen on most doors of this kind. Switchable Glass Door Vision Panels also work well for home offices or vulnerable / disabled home medical care, offering the opportunity to check on the welfare of the occupants, or even if the room is occupied, without having to disturb them.


Switchable Vision Panel

Switchable Vision Panel allows discreet visibility into (or out of) a room at the push of a button.


With all the improvements possible in your environment using switchable technology, there is simply no better way to shake off those post-Christmas blues than to invest in making your environment more future-proof, comfortable and convenient with switchable technology in the home.

Switch on to Intelligent Glass in 2019.


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Intelligent Glass offers a wide range of switchable smart glass solutions with options including toughened glass, laminated panels, smart glass windows and the retrofit self-adhesive switchable film.

If you would like further information, a pricing quote, or to discuss ideas for using our switchable smart glass and smart film products, please please get in touch using the form below, or call us on +44 (0)1226 351 759.