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Why Should You Invest in Switchable Glass?

Established over 15 years ago, Intelligent Glass boasts an impressive product range and portfolio from customers around the world. Offering made-to-measure solutions and unique technologies it’s easy to find a home for our products in both commercial and residential environments. Whilst our Smart Glass can be found in award-winning homes and super yachts, why should you invest in our products? There are many ways that switchable technology can benefit you, from creating more versatile office spaces to changing the way you live in your home, here we discuss some of the most common benefits of Intelligent Glass.

Investing in Smart Glass for the Office

There are many benefits to using switchable technology in an office environment, but we think the most important is the versatility it can offer. Smart Glass offers the privacy achievable with traditional stud walls without the permanence, making it a great investment for smaller offices that want to make the most of their space. In their off-state Switchable Partitions appear opaque offering the necessary privacy and when a current is applied, they switch to clear creating the illusion of a more open-plan space. Opting for these smart glass walls as opposed to the traditional alternative allows natural light to flow throughout the space no matter which state the glass is in. The Future Workplace Experience Study reported that 78% of employees said access to natural light improves their wellbeing and 70% reported an improved work performance.

Not only is investing in switchable glass within your décor more likely to improve employee mood and performance, Smart Glass is a great way to show off to potential customers & partners by creating a more luxurious experience. The theatre of switchable glass is a great selling point, able to switch on command via remote, wall switch and even voice automation through popular devices like Amazon’s Alexa, it’s as simple as “Alexa, turn on my glass!”. Additionally, in its off state, Switchable Glass doubles as an effective HD/4K Rear Projection Screen, ideal for presentations or even projecting relevant branding during meetings to create a more personalised pitch.

A smart investment for the home

The key to smart glass technology is the ability to offer privacy on command without disruption to your lifestyle or décor. With more houses being built on smaller plots, privacy isn’t a luxury that’s guaranteed. For those of us lucky to have a view, shrouding it with clunky blinds or curtains can turn your valuable space into a wasted opportunity. By upgrading your existing window with our retrofit Switchable Film, you no longer have to compromise for the sake of your privacy. Upgrading existing glazing with our Smart Film is also a popular choice for sunrooms or conservatories that struggle with inconvenient glare from direct sunlight and even nosey neighbours. The self-adhesive film can be easily applied to existing glass for a quick fix, privacy solution that’s also guaranteed to increase the value of your home.

 As well as creating more functional, private spaces in your home, switchable glass can actually save you money on your energy bills. All of our products use PDLC technology which reduces any heat your home would previously lose through glazing by up to 30%, making our Smart Film a great cost-effective choice for enhancing existing double & triple glazing. For an even more effective investment, our Switchable Double Glazing offers privacy on demand as well as thermal insulation, reducing glare and minimising solar heat gain by up to 40%, offering the most efficient smart windows on the market.

Investing in the retail experience

Switchable products are commonly used to elevate the retail experience, creating memorable moments that are guaranteed to make an impression. Most popularly, our Switchable Film is installed into store fronts to create unmissable window displays, with the most noticeable being the takeover of Harrods luxury department store’s infamous windows. In a project to promote the launch of Roll’s Royce’s Dawn Drophead Coupe, our smart film was used to project a timed countdown to gain momentum in the crowd before switching to clear to reveal the motor in all it’s glory.

Smart Glass Harrods countdown on rear projection smart glass screen

However, bigger isn’t always better, with our Switchable Glass available ready for installation into smaller display cabinets & housing where customers can switch the glass to reveal the contents by simply pressing a button.

A safer healthcare investment

Still feeling the effects of the global pandemic, people have come together all over the globe to appreciate the importance of health and wellness and Switchable Glass can actually help to benefit this. We’ve had the pleasure of providing our solutions to NHS hospitals all over the UK as well as working with private medical practices around the world to create safer & more productive environments. Smart glass has many hygiene benefits when compared to the traditional curtains used on hospital wards which are required to be replaced every 6 months. In this time staffing issues could cause neglect in upkeep allowing germs to thrive, but by replacing them with our Laminate Smart Glass which can be cleaned the same as any other glass, you can save time and potentially save lives.

nhs smart glass

Opting for switchable glass could also save unnecessary disruption, where switching the glass can alert staff to a problem instantly where the patient can be seen from outside the area itself. We’ve also seen our smart glass used in hospitals to create more comfortable experiences for MRI scanning, with a children’s hospital also projecting onto the glass to distract and relax young patients.


If you’ve got ideas for using Switchable Glass or smart film in your next project or would like some more information about our range of products, get in touch via the form below or call us on +44(0)1226 361 306.