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Curved Switchable Smart Glass

Product Overview

Switchable Smart Technology for Curved Glass Privacy

A curved version of our standard Switchable Glass product range offering a robust curved privacy solution

Curved Switchable Smart Glass is a new innovation from Intelligent Glass that brings Switchable privacy to curved glass requirements. Traditionally, to achieve a curved shape on glass, Self-Adhesive Switchable Film was required to retrofit onto existing glass, limiting its use to applications exclusively recommended for film.

However, recent Research & Development advancements have given rise to a full glass solution that can accommodate a wide range of our standard Switchable Glass product options, including Laminated Safety Glass, for example.

This opens up the use of Curved Switchable Glass in areas such as wet rooms, showers, hospitals and even areas with high levels of traffic and footfall, creating a far more versatile yet robust solution that can meet a range of needs depending on the application.

Great for corporate applications too, Curved Switchable Glass offers the potential for a Switchable solution that fits virtually any interior design theme or style, offering the class and effective use of curved glass as a design feature without having to compromise on premium privacy.

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Switch or button activation
Smart technology compatible
Various glass options available
Low maintenance
Instant privacy
Custom sizes & shapes made to order

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Controllable privacy

Custom shapes

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