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A Smart Choice for Internal Doors

As well as working with some of the world’s most recognisable brands, we’ve provided our switchable solutions for homes all over the globe. From stunning statement windows to waterborne living vessels, there’s not a home that wouldn’t benefit from Switchable Smart Glass technology. There are a range of practical reasons people opt for smart glass in their home which often overshadow a key selling point – Style. Switchable Glass is often advertised with unique installs like our supercar garage or switchable stairs which whilst dazzling, isn’t always relatable to the typical homeowner. From seeing these it can be hard to imagine how Smart Glass could be integrated into your home, but we think our latest install provides all the Smart Glass inspiration you need.

Our latest project involved giving traditional timber doors a Switchable upgrade! These two smart glass doors, measuring nearly 2 meters in height, were manufactured using our Toughened Switchable Glass, our most popular option worldwide.

The customer wasn’t satisfied with her existing doors, whilst they separated the spaces and offered some privacy, the glass and timber combination weren’t practical for the home. By upgrading these to our Smart Glass doors, the homeowner now has total control over their privacy, with the ability to switch from frosted to clear at the touch of a button. Unlike the previous doors, our Toughened smart glass allows natural light to disperse throughout the house without even needing to open the doors. The benefit of switchable technology is that light is still able to pass through whether the glass is powered on or off, providing the luxury of privacy without the space feeling restricted.

Our Switchable Glass Doors offer edge to edge privacy and can even be made with custom specifications including fire rated and acoustically sound properties, to create a completely tranquil space in the comfort of your own home. As well as our standard Switchable Doors, we have recently started to offer the Pinterest favourite, Crittall style glazing in our door and partitioning solutions. This quirky industrial look is incredibly popular in homes and can be integrated into the crittal style metal framework with both our laminate or double glazed glass, creating an eye catching feature for any home.

As well as our sleek internal door solutions we also offer multiple switchable technologies for external doors, the most popular of which being Switchable Bi Folds. Bi Fold and sliding doors are usually installed to maximise natural light in a space yet doing this can compromise your privacy depending on the surrounding homes. Switchable Glass allows you to maintain control over your privacy and sufficient lighting in the room, whilst our switchable technologies also eliminate glare from the sun and reduce solar heat gain by up to 30%.

Another popular switchable technology for doors are our Switchable Vision Panels, designed to create a field of vision without physically opening the door. Despite being a common choice for meeting rooms and commercial environments, we’re seeing a huge intake in these panels being installed into front doors. The battery powered panel is controlled by a button on the face of the door, with all the mechanics cleverly hidden within the door itself. These are ideal for smaller hallways or entrance rooms where more light is required or even for those who struggle with social contact, allowing them to communicate with the visitor without even needing to open the door.


If you’d like to know more about our range of Switchable Glass Doors or would like to use our switchable technology in your home, get in touch via the form below or call us on +44(0)1226 361 306.

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